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SeaDataNet Sensor Web Enablement and SensorML type vocabulary

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
007 Accuracy Accuracy is closeness of measurement to the true value. 2014-12-19
011 Altitude Altitude is the (geometric) height above the geoid, which is the reference geopotential surface. The geoid is similar to mean sea level. 2014-12-19
012 Attitude Orientation of a platform carrying an object of interest (such as a sensor). The exact reference frame whose orientation is given should be defined by an engineering datum attached to the platform. 2014-12-19
018 Beam The width at the widest point (in metres). 2014-12-19
023 Chlorophyll concentration in the water sample The level of chlorophyll in the water 2014-12-19
033 Cruise ID Cruise identifier 2014-12-19
034 Cruise Name Cruise name 2014-12-19
019 Design draft The vertical distance from the water to the bottom of the boat (in metres). 2014-12-19
016 Length The measurement or distance from one end to the other (in metres). 2014-12-19
010 Local reference frame  A coordinate system or frame of reference that is only expected to function over a small region or a restricted region of space or spacetime 2014-12-19
005 Location The exact point (center of a reference frame) whose location is given should be defined by an engineering datum attached to the sensor. 2014-12-19
021 Maximum endurance The maximum capacity of something to last or withstand wear and tear, without giving way. 2014-12-19
022 Maximum working speed The maximum rate at which vessel moves or operates working. 2014-12-19
004 Measurement properties Properties of a measurement which may be quantified 2014-12-19
008 Measurement range The range of the measurement (in metres). 2014-12-19
014 Navigation data The geolocation of the vessel in an instant. 2014-12-19
032 Navigation status The status of the navigation. 2014-12-19
026 Navigation system Hardware system which have the navigation information. 2014-12-19
029 OM complex observation Observation whose result is a Record. OGC 10-026 (ISO 19156:2011) 2014-12-19
006 Observation time Time at which an observation result applies to the property of the feature. 2014-12-19
020 Operational features A distinctive attributes or aspect of operations of the vessel. 2014-12-19
027 Phenomenon time Time at which an observation result applies to the property of the feature. This is often the time of interaction by a sampling procedure or observation procedure with a real-world feature 2014-12-19
017 Platform physical properties The physical properties that defines an specific tool. 2014-12-19
013 Position The position of the platform. 2014-12-19
015 Positioning system The electronic parts to determinate the ship's position. 2014-12-19
030 Sampling time The date and time at which the sampling is taken. 2014-12-19
024 Sea-bird electronics The SeaBird instrument. 2014-12-19
003 SeaDataNet device category Terms used to classify groups of sensors, instruments, sources of algorithmically computed data (numerical models) or samplers (collectors of water, SPM, sediment, rock, air or biota samples). 2014-12-19
002 Sensor application In Sensor Web Enablement, the sensor application is the purpose for which the sensor was deployed within the environment 2014-12-19
009 Spring tension The spring that maintains tension during operation. 2014-12-19
031 Survey For example, a research vessel deployed on a cruise 2014-12-19
035 Survey discipline Scientific thematic area. Using terms used to classify SeaDataNet Agreed Parameter Groups to provide topic/theme level terms in a hierarchical parameter discovery interface. 2014-12-19
001 System type In Sensor Web Enablement, system type allows a physical sensor to be described with spatial and temporl attributes 2014-12-19
025 Turner designs Corrections applied to reduce the data to a common scale throughout the record. 2014-12-19
028 Vessel site The vessel site seen as the shape of the observation (a 3D box ) in a specific time. Is the Volume of air and water that is been observed. As the vessel is a moving object a Dynamic Feature has been chose to describe the FOI. 2014-12-19