NERC Vocabulary Server version 2.0 (NVS2.0)

For information on the services, please go to the British Oceanographic Data Centre's Web Services pages.

Concepts, collections and schemes

NVS2.0 makes use of the World Wide Web Consortium's Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) to represent knowledge in a format understandable by computers. SKOS combines concepts into both collections and schemes. These three terms are defined below.


Consumers may access the vocabulary server either using the ReSTful Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) described below or via SOAP.

SOAP consumers should generate their client implementation from the WSDL available at

Collection, concept and scheme URIs

Collections, concepts and schemes are presented to the server as URIs (in this case actually Uniform Resource Locators - URLs) having the following syntax:

Concept collections


Concept schemes

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