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BODC parameter semantic model biological entity colour terms

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
S154 blue 2006-09-18
S155 brown 2006-09-18
S151 colourless 2006-02-17
S156 cream 2006-09-18
S157 dark yellow-brown 2006-09-18
S158 dull orange 2006-09-18
S159 green-brown 2006-09-18
S1510 grey 2006-09-18
S1511 light blue 2006-09-18
S152 not specified The biological entity definition does not include distinction on colour as a component. 2023-08-25
S1512 orange 2006-09-18
S1513 orange-red 2006-09-18
S1514 pink 2006-09-18
S1515 purple 2006-09-18
S1522 red 2009-07-01
S1516 semi-transparent light brown 2006-09-18
S153 transparent 2006-02-17
S1517 virtually transparent white 2006-09-18
S1518 white 2006-09-18
S1519 white column, brown stalk The biological entity is described as having a white column and a brown stalk. 2017-01-18
S1520 yellow 2006-09-18
S1521 yellow-white 2006-09-18