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BODC parameter semantic model biological entity morphology terms

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
S1441 12 blue tentacles (length ~4.5cm) 2006-09-18
S1442 12 rays and dense ray branches 2006-09-18
S1443 12-18 light and dark coloured tentacles (length ~5cm) 2006-09-18
S1444 2 visible siphons 2006-09-18
S1445 8 arms 2006-09-18
S1446 <10 lumps projecting up to 2cm from the body 2006-09-18
S1447 >10 lumps projecting <10cm from body 2006-09-18
S1448 angular arms 2006-09-18
S1449 arm width 1cm 2006-09-18
S1421 arrow-shaped 2006-02-17
S1422 athecate Not encased or sheathed in a protective covering, somethimes termed 'naked'. 2006-08-09
S1450 attached centrally, tabular brim overhanging attached part, ear-shaped 2006-09-18
S1423 banana-shaped 2006-02-17
S1451 bottlebrush-like 2006-09-18
S1424 centric Having a morphology with radial symmetry. 2006-08-09
S1452 clearly visible oscula (diameter 1-2cm), bottle shaped 2006-09-18
S1453 cushion-like 2006-09-18
S1454 cylindrical main body, 2 ball-like projections on top, roughly bilateral symmetry 2006-09-18
S1455 dichotomously branching 2006-09-18
S1425 fusiform 2006-02-17
S1458 grouped and clearly visible oscula (diameter 1-2cm), bottle shaped 2006-09-18
S1426 heart-shaped 2006-02-17
S1496 hoop-shaped The biological organism or one of its components is described has having the shape of a hoop or a ring. 2016-07-01
S1495 ladle-shaped The shape of the kitchen utensil used to serve soups or stews. 2014-08-21
S1459 large tentacles trailing on the sediment surface 2006-09-18
S1427 lens-like 2006-02-17
S1460 lumps projecting <1cm from body 2006-09-18
S1428 mandrake root 2006-02-17
S1461 many brown tentacles 2006-09-18
S1462 mass of branches 2006-09-18
S1430 not specified 2006-02-17
S1494 oval The shape of the egg of a domestic fowl 2010-12-05
S1431 paired-cell 2006-02-17
S1432 pennate Having a morphology with bilateral symmetry. 2006-08-09
S1464 probiscus-like 2006-09-18
S1465 purple tentacles (~60% radius of whole animal) in three whorls of ~20 tentacles, orange oral disc 2006-09-18
S1466 raised parts at centre of arms 2006-09-18
S1467 regular 2006-09-18
S1468 roughly spherical with ~15 evenly-spaced 1cm by 1cm projections 2006-09-18
S1433 round 2006-02-17
S1434 section curviseta 2006-02-17
S1435 section simplicia 2006-02-17
S1469 slender 2006-09-18
S1498 spear-shaped The biological organism or one of its components is described has having the shape of a spear (hastiform). 2018-11-19
S1470 spherical 2006-09-18
S1436 spike-shaped 2006-02-17
S1471 stalked 2006-09-18
S1437 star-shaped 2006-02-17
S1472 tentacle length ~4cm 2006-09-18
S1473 tentacle length ~8cm 2006-09-18
S1474 tentacles (length <5cm) in 3 concentric circles 2006-09-18
S1420 thecate Being encased or sheathed in a protective covering, somethimes termed 'armoured'. 2006-08-09
S1439 thick 2006-02-17
S1475 thick arms 2006-09-18
S1476 thin tentacles (~40% radius length) in two whorls of ~15 tentacles each, darker orange mouth 2006-09-18
S1477 tubular 2006-09-18
S1478 vase-shaped 2006-09-18
S1479 very little tapering on the arms 2006-09-18
S1480 visible interbrachial membrane 2006-09-18
S1438 wedge-shaped 2006-02-17
S1481 whelk-like 2006-09-18
S1482 white tube 2006-09-18
S1497 with liths <1um Applies to a coccolithophore's calcareous shell described as being made of coccoliths smaller than 1 micron in diameter. 2017-12-12
S1483 ~0.5cm diameter oscula 2006-09-18
S1493 ~12 fine feather-like tentacles (length ~4cm), yellow oral disc 2006-10-30
S1484 ~12 tentacles (length 1.5cm) 2006-09-18
S1485 ~12 tentacles (length 3cm) 2006-09-18
S1486 ~18 orange tentacles 2006-09-18
S1487 ~3 whorls of tentacles (length 1-2cm) 2006-09-18
S1488 ~30 tentacles (length ~7cm), oval mouth 2006-09-18
S1489 ~30-40 tentacles visible 2006-09-18
S1490 ~4 shell whorl, purple siphon 2006-09-18
S1492 ~40 fine white tentacles (length ~8cm), white oral disc 2006-10-30
S1491 ~50 tentacles (~25% of total diameter) 2006-09-18