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MEDIN ecosystem service types

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
4 Benefits A measurable improvement to human well-being, derived from one or more ecosystem service(s). (Boyd & Banzhaf 2007). 2013-11-14
8 Cultural services Ecosystem services that provide non-material benefits for people such as recreational, aesthetic, intellectual and spiritual benefits. (MEA, 2003) 2013-11-14
5 Ecological processes and functions The physical, chemical, and biological processes or attributes that contribute to the self-maintenance of an ecosystem. (MEA, 2003) 2013-11-14
1 Ecosystem services The conditions and processes through which natural ecosystems, and the species that make them up, sustain and fulfil human life. (Daily, G.C. (Ed) 1997). 2013-11-14
3 Final services Components of nature, directly enjoyed, consumed, or used to yield human well-being. (Boyd & Banzhaf 2007). 2013-11-14
2 Intermediate services Intermediate ecological components that contribute to final services, but are not directly consumed, enjoyed or used. (Boyd & Banzhaf 2007). 2013-11-14
7 Provisioning services Ecosystem services that result in the supply of products from ecosystems, such as food, water, timber, pharmaceuticals and ?bres. (MEA, 2003) 2013-11-14
6 Regulating services Ecosystem services that regulate natural processes occurring within ecosystems. E.g. those that affect climate, ?oods, disease, wastes, and water quality. (MEA, 2003) 2017-03-14
9 Support services Ecosystem services that are necessary for the production or maintainence of other ecosystem services. Examples include; soil formation, primary production (e.g. photosythesis), and nutrient cycling. (MEA, 2003) 2013-11-14