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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
ANAUD Analogue Audio Recordings of sound converted to an electrical signal which is stored continuously using a medium such as magnetic tape or vinyl. 2016-06-01
BIN Binary Any file format for digital data that are not encoded in a recognised standard character code such as ASCII. Binary files need bespoke APIs in order to be interrogated or manipulated and cannot be read using text viewers. 2016-04-01
DB Database Files that are used to store data in database applications such as Oracle or MS Access 2009-07-29
DEL Delimited File formats that are delimited by commas, tabs, semi colons that can be opened using software packages such as MS Excel 2009-07-29
DIGAUD Digital Audio Recordings of sound converted to an electrical signal the properties of which are determined as numbers at regular intervals and stored. 2016-06-01
DOC Documents Files that hold written information such as pdf, doc, 2009-07-29
GIS Geographic Information System Files that are geographic in scope and can be opened by MapInfo or ESRI 2009-07-29
KMX Google Earth and Oceans Files (e.g. kml, kmg) used to display data and images using Google applications Earth and Oceans. 2009-07-29
IMG Image Still image files such as jpeg, tiff, png that may be opened by applications such as PhotoShop 2009-07-29
MOV Movie Files that capture moving images such as avi, mpeg, mov, wmv 2009-07-29
NC Network Common Data Form Binary data files conforming to a set of conventions allowing them to be manipulated through the NetCDF API and tools built using that API 2009-07-29
ODV Ocean Data View Delimited files conforming to a set of conventions that allow them to be opened and interrogated using the OCEAN Data View application 2009-07-29
TXT Text or Plaintext Files encoded in a character convention, usually ASCII, that need to be handled with a generic text editor such as Vi or Notepad or bespoke software 2009-07-29