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Subset of GRIB Table 4.2 - Parameter number by product discipline and parameter category

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
0.1.6 Evaporation {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "moisture","parameter": "Evaporation","units": "Kg m-2"} 2012-11-13
0.4.3 Global radiation flux {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "short-wave radiation","parameter": "Global radiation flux","units": "W m-2"} 2012-11-13
0.5.5 Net long wave radiation flux {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "long-wave radiation","parameter": "Net long wave radiation flux","units": "W m-2"} 2012-11-13
0.4.9 Net short wave radiation flux {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "short-wave radiation","parameter": "Net short wave radiation flux","units": "W m-2"} 2012-11-13
0.1.19 Precipitation type {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "moisture","parameter": "Precipitation type","units": "Kg m-2"} 2012-11-13
0.3.1 Pressure reduced to MSL {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "mass","parameter": "Pressure reduced to MSL","units": "Pa"} 2012-11-13
0.1.1 Relative humidity {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "moisture","parameter": "Relative humidity","units": "%"} 2012-11-13
0.1.11 Snow depth {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "moisture","parameter": "Snow depth","units": "(Code table 4.201)"} 2012-11-13
0.0.0 Temperature {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "temperature","parameter": "Temperature","units": "K"} 2012-11-13
0.6.1 Total cloud cover {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "cloud","parameter": "Total cloud cover","units": "%"} 2012-11-13
0.1.52 Total precipitation rate {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "moisture","parameter": "Total precipitation rate","units": "Kg m-2 s-1", "note": "Total precipitation/snowfall rate stands for the sum of convective and large-scale precipitation/snowfall rate"} 2012-11-13
0.19.0 Visibility {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "physical atmospheric","parameter": "Visibility","units": "m"} 2012-11-13
0.2.0 Wind direction (from which blowing) {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "momentum","parameter": "Wind direction (from which blowing)","units": "degree true"} 2012-11-13
0.2.1 Wind speed {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "momentum","parameter": "Wind speed","units": "m s-1"} 2012-11-13
0.2.22 Wind speed (gust) {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "momentum","parameter": "Wind speed (gust)","units": "m s-1"} 2012-11-13