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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
009 abstract Topological complex without any specified geometric realisation 2012-07-04
004 fullPlanarGraph 2-dimensional topological complex that is planar. (A 2-dimensional topological complex is commonly called full topology in a cartographic 2D environment.) 2012-07-04
006 fullSurfaceGraph 2-dimensional topological complex that is isomorphic to a subset of a surface 2012-07-04
008 fullTopology3D Complete coverage of a 3D Euclidean coordinate space 2012-07-04
001 geometryOnly Geometry objects without any additional structure which describes topology 2012-07-04
003 planarGraph 1-dimensional topological complex that is planar. (A planar graph is a graph that can be drawn in a plane in such a way that no two edges intersect except at a vertex.) 2012-07-04
005 surfaceGraph 1-dimensional topological complex that is isomorphic to a subset of a surface. (A geometric complex is isomorphic to a topological complex if their elements are in a one-to-one, dimensional-and boundry-preserving correspondence to one another.) 2012-07-04
002 topology1D 1-dimensional topological complex -- commonly called chain-node topology 2012-07-04
007 topology3D 3-dimensional topological complex. (A topological complex is a collection of topological primitives that are closed under the boundary operations.) 2012-07-04