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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
008 annually Data are updated every year 2012-07-04
009 asNeeded Data are updated as deemed necessary 2012-07-04
007 biannually Data are updated twice each year 2012-07-04
001 continual Data are repeatedly and frequently updated 2012-07-04
002 daily Data are updated each day 2012-07-04
004 fortnightly Data are updated every two weeks 2012-07-04
010 irregular Data are updated in intervals that are uneven in duration 2012-07-04
005 monthly Data are updated each month 2012-07-04
011 notPlanned There are no plans to update the data 2012-07-04
006 quarterly Data are updated every three months 2012-07-04
012 unknown Frequency of maintenance for the data is not known 2012-07-04
003 weekly Data are updated on a weekly basare 2012-07-04