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BODC project roles

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
PA Project administrator Project secretariat members providing administrative support to the project without management responsibility. 2011-12-12
CI Project co-investigator The persons responsible for the planning, direction and management of a sub-component of a project. Termed a work package leader in EU projects. 2011-12-12
CO Project collaborator A provider of input to a project on a mutual co-operation basis without formal involvement in the project. 2011-12-12
MP Project data manager Person with particular responsibility for accuracy and completeness of metadata, data quality and the short-term data access and security and assuring the long-term stewardship of the data collected during the project, but has no IPR interest in those data. 2011-12-12
DP Project dataset principal investigator The person responsible for a specified subset of the data collected during a project and who holds the IPR for that subset of the data. 2011-12-12
PM Project manager Project secretariat member with management responsibilities for the project. 2011-12-12
PI Project principal investigator The person or persons responsible for the overall planning, direction and management of the project. This role is termed the project co-ordinator in EU projects. 2011-12-12
PD Project research assistant Persons employed as researchers on a project, usually the line management responsibility of the principal investigator or a co-investigator. 2011-12-12
PG Project research student Persons researching as part of a project as part of their work towards an academic degree. This will usually be a PhD student, but could also be a masters student or even an undergraduate contributing through their degree work. 2011-12-12
SC Project scientific steering committee chair The person chairing the project scientific steering committee. 2011-12-12
SM Project scientific steering committee member Persons serving on a project scientific steering committee, 2011-12-12
RA Project technician A person who is responsible for preparation, operation and/or maintenance of shipboard, laboratory or deployed scientific instrumentation, but has no IPR interest in the data returned by that instrumentation. 2011-12-12