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BODC administrative region names

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
UKCTY001 Aberdeenshire 2011-11-09
MXCTY001 Aguascalientes 2011-11-09
USTA001 Alabama 2011-11-09
USTA002 Alaska 2011-11-09
CANPRO05 Alberta 2011-11-09
FRANPR14 Alsace DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
SPRG0002 Andalucia 2011-11-09
IN-AN Andaman and Nicobar Islands Union territory 2011-11-09
IN-AP Andhra Pradesh state 2011-11-09
UKCTY002 Angus 2011-11-09
BELGPR02 Antwerp Province of Belgium. Known locally as Antwerpen. 2012-06-20
JP-02 Aomori Prefecture Administrative region of Japan. 2012-10-04
FRANPR07 Aquitaine DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
SPRG0011 Aragon 2011-11-09
UKCTY003 Argyll 2011-11-09
USTA003 Arizona 2011-11-09
USTA004 Arkansas 2011-11-09
IN-AR Arunachal Pradesh state 2011-11-09
IN-AS Assam state 2011-11-09
GR-I Attica Region of Greece. Native name is Attiki. 2012-11-30
NZ-AUK Auckland Region of New Zealand. Native name is Tamaki-Makaurau. 2023-12-06
OZSTAT08 Australian Capital Territory 2011-11-09
FRANPR19 Auvergne DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
FR-ARA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. 2018-05-09
PT-01 Aveiro District of Portugal 2011-11-17
UKCTY004 Avon 2011-11-09
UKCTY005 Ayrshire 2011-11-09
PT-20 Azores District of Portugal 2011-11-17
GER00015 Baden-Wurttemberg 2011-11-09
MX-BCN Baja California State of Mexico 2022-12-06
MXCTY003 Baja California Sur 2011-11-09
UKCTY006 Banffshire 2011-11-09
TH-10 Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (equivalent to Province) of Thailand. Native name is Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Lae Parimonthon 2014-07-21
FRANPR17 Basse-Normandie DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
GER00016 Bavaria 2011-11-09
UKCTY007 Bedfordshire 2011-11-09
CN-11 Beijing Municipality Province of China 2011-11-17
BZ-BZ Belize District District of Belize. Contains Belize City. 2021-02-10
UKCTY008 Berkshire 2011-11-09
GER00001 Berlin City State 2011-11-09
CH-BE Berne Canton of Switzerland. Canton de Berne in French, Kanton Bern in German. 2017-10-20
UKCTY009 Berwickshire 2011-11-09
IN-BR Bihar state 2011-11-09
CL-BI Bio Bio Region of Chile. Historic name was VIII Region. 2018-11-20
SWCO0011 Blekinge County 2011-11-09
CO-BOL Bolívar Department of Colombia 2014-07-21
FRANPR16 Bourgogne DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
FR-BFC Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. 2018-05-09
GER00007 Brandenburg 2011-11-09
GER00003 Bremen City State 2011-11-09
FRANPR06 Bretagne DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
CANPRO01 British Columbia 2011-11-09
FR-BRE Brittany Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. Native name is Bretagne. 2018-05-09
BELGPR01 Brussels-Capital Region Known locally as Région de Bruxelles-Capitale and Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest 2012-06-20
UKCTY010 Buckinghamshire 2011-11-09
KR-26 Busan Metropolitan City (equivalent to Province) of the Republic of Korea. Romanised native name is Busan Gwang'yeogsi 2014-07-23
NO-06 Buskerud DEPRECATED Norwegian county 2022-10-07
UKCTY011 Caithness 2011-11-09
USTA005 California 2011-11-09
PE-CAL Callao Constitutional Province (equivalent to Department) of Peru 2014-07-21
UKCTY012 Cambridgeshire 2011-11-09
IT-72 Campania Region of Italy 2011-11-17
MXCTY004 Campeche 2011-11-09
SPRG0016 Cantabria 2011-11-09
NZ-CAN Canterbury Region of New Zealand. Native name is Waitaha. 2023-12-06
BH-13 Capital Governorate Capital region of Bahrain. Native name is Al Asimah. Also known as Al Manamah. 2022-02-27
IS-1 Capital Region Region of Iceland 2011-11-17
DANREG01 Capital Region of Denmark Region of Denmark. Local name is Hovedstaden. 2012-06-20
SPRG0006 Castilla y Leon 2011-11-09
SPRG0009 Castilla-La Mancha 2011-11-09
SPRG0003 Cataluna 2011-11-09
BZ-CY Cayo District District of Belize. Contains Belmopan. 2021-03-30
FJ-C Central Division Administrative unit of Fiji 2014-07-21
DANREG02 Central Jutland Region of Denamrk. Local name is Midtjylland. 2012-06-20
FRANPR09 Centre DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
FR-CVL Centre-Val de Loire Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. 2018-05-09
UKCTY122 Ceredigion 2011-11-09
SPRG0018 Ceuta Ciudad 2011-11-09
FRANPR18 Champagne-Ardenne DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
IN-CH Chandigarh Union territory 2011-11-09
UKCTY013 Channel Isles 2011-11-09
UKCTY014 Cheshire 2011-11-09
IN-CT Chhattisgarh state 2011-11-09
MXCTY005 Chiapas 2011-11-09
JP-12 Chiba Prefecture Administrative region of Japan. 2012-10-03
MXCTY006 Chihuahua 2011-11-09
BD-B Chittagong District of Bangladesh 2014-07-21
AR-U Chubut Province of Argentina 2020-01-06
AR-C Ciudad Autónoma Province of Argentina 2011-11-17
UKCTY015 Clackmannanshire 2011-11-09
UKCTY016 Cleveland 2011-11-09
UKCTY017 Clwyd 2011-11-09
EICO0003 Co. Clare 2011-11-09
EICO0012 Co. Laois 2011-11-09
MXCTY007 Coahuila de Zaragoza 2011-11-09
PT-06 Coimbra District of Portugal 2016-03-02
MXCTY008 Colima 2011-11-09
USTA006 Colorado 2011-11-09
SPRG0005 Comunidad Valencia 2011-11-09
USTA007 Connecticut 2012-07-04
CL-CO Coquimbo Region of Chile 2022-07-26
UKCTY018 Cornwall 2011-11-09
FRANPR25 Corse DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
FR-COR Corsica Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. Native name is Corse. 2018-05-09
UKCTY019 County Antrim 2011-11-09
UKCTY020 County Armagh 2011-11-09
EICO0001 County Carlow 2012-06-19
EICO0002 County Cavan 2012-06-19
EICO0004 County Cork 2012-06-19
EICO0005 County Donegal 2012-06-19
UKCTY021 County Down 2011-11-09
EICO0006 County Dublin 2012-06-19
UKCTY022 County Durham 2011-11-09
UKCTY023 County Fermanagh 2011-11-09
EICO0007 County Galway 2012-06-19
EICO0008 County Kerry 2012-06-19
EICO0009 County Kildare 2012-06-19
EICO0010 County Kilkenny 2012-06-19
EICO0011 County Leitrim 2012-06-19
EICO0013 County Limerick 2012-06-19
UKCTY024 County Londonderry 2011-11-09
EICO0014 County Longford 2012-06-19
EICO0015 County Louth 2012-06-19
EICO0016 County Mayo 2012-06-19
EICO0017 County Meath 2012-06-19
EICO0018 County Monaghan 2012-06-19
EICO0019 County Offaly 2012-06-19
EICO0020 County Roscommon 2012-06-19
EICO0021 County Sligo 2012-06-19
EICO0022 County Tipperary 2012-06-19
UKCTY025 County Tyrone 2011-11-09
EICO0023 County Waterford 2012-06-19
EICO0024 County Westmeath 2012-06-19
EICO0025 County Wexford 2012-06-19
EICO0026 County Wicklow 2012-06-19
GR-9 Crete Region of Greece 2011-11-17
UKCTY026 Cumbria 2011-11-09
CO-CUN Cundinamarca Department of Colombia 2015-07-28
US-DC DC Capital district of the United States 2011-11-17
IN-DN Dadra and Nagar Haveli DEPRECATED Union territory 2023-12-06
KR-30 Daejeon Metropolitan city (equivalent to Province) of the Republic of Korea. Romanised native name is Daejeon Gwang'yeogsi 2014-07-21
SWCO0018 Dalarna County 2011-11-09
IN-DD Daman and Diu DEPRECATED Union territory 2023-12-06
TZ-02 Dar es Salaam Capital region of Tanzania 2021-07-29
USTA008 Delaware 2011-11-09
UKCTY027 Derbyshire 2011-11-09
UKCTY028 Devon 2011-11-09
VE-A Distrito Capital Capital district of Venezuela, containing Caracas 2022-02-27
UKCTY029 Dorset 2011-11-09
NEDP01 Drenthe 2011-11-09
UKCTY030 Dumfriesshire 2011-11-09
UKCTY031 Dunbartonshire 2011-11-09
MXCTY010 Durango 2011-11-09
UKCTY032 Dyfed 2011-11-09
BELGPR05 East Flanders Province of Belgium. Known locally as Oost-Vlaanderen. 2012-06-20
UKCTY033 East Lothian 2011-11-09
UKCTY034 East Sussex 2011-11-09
ZA-EC Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Afrikaans name is Oos-Kaap. 2019-10-03
IT-45 Emilia-Romagna Region of Italy. 2012-05-31
AE-SH Emirate of Sharjah One of the 7 emirates that comprise the UAE. Also written Ash Shariqah. 2021-03-28
NA-ER Erongo One of the 14 regions of Namibia, capital Swakopmund. 2018-11-09
UKCTY035 Essex 2011-11-09
SPRG0012 Extremadura 2011-11-09
PT-08 Faro District of Portugal 2011-11-17
BR-DF Federal District State of Brazil. Native name is Distrito Federal 2014-07-21
UKCTY036 Fife 2011-11-09
FI-19 Finland Proper Region of Finland. Native name is Varsinais-Suomi. 2012-11-30
BELGPR04 Flemish Brabant Province of Belgium. Known locally as Vlaams Brabant. 2012-06-20
NEDP02 Flevoland 2011-11-09
USTA009 Florida 2011-11-09
FRANPR20 Franche-Comté DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
NEDP03 Friesland 2011-11-09
IT-36 Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region of Italy 2011-11-17
CN-35 Fujian Province of China 2011-11-17
EC-W Galapagos Province of Ecuador. 2023-10-17
SPRG0001 Galicia 2011-11-09
ZA-GP Gauteng Province of South Africa 2012-02-18
NEDP04 Gelderland 2011-11-09
USTA010 Georgia 2011-11-09
UKCTY037 Gloucestershire 2011-11-09
IN-GA Goa state 2011-11-09
SWCO0010 Gotland County 2011-11-09
HR-21 Grad Zagreb City comprising its own subdivision of Croatia. 2014-02-25
FR-GES Grand Est Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. 2018-05-09
GH-AA Greater Accra Region of Ghana 2014-07-21
NZ-WGN Greater Wellington Region of New Zealand. Native name is Te Pane Matua Taiao. 2023-12-06
NEDP05 Groningen 2011-11-09
FR-GUA Guadeloupe Overseas Region of France since 01/01/2016. 2018-05-09
FRANPR23 Guadeloupe DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
MXCTY011 Guanajuato 2011-11-09
CN-GD Guangdong Province of China. Alternate spellings: Canton, Kwangtung. 2023-02-09
EC-G Guayas Province of Ecuador 2014-07-21
MXCTY012 Guerrero 2011-11-09
IN-GJ Gujarat state 2011-11-09
FRANPR26 Guyane DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
UKCTY038 Gwent 2011-11-09
UKCTY039 Gwynedd 2011-11-09
KR-41 Gyeonggi-do Province of the Republic of Korea 2011-11-17
MT-12 Gzira Local council area of Malta. Native name is Il-Gzira. 2022-03-01
SWCO0019 Gävleborg County 2011-11-09
VN-HN Ha Noi Municipality (equivalent to province) of Viet Nam 2014-07-21
VN-HP Hai Phong Municipality (equivalent to province) of Viet Nam 2014-07-21
IL-HA Haifa District District of Israel containing city of same name. 2014-09-30
BELGPR07 Hainaut 2011-11-09
SWCO0013 Halland County 2011-11-09
GER00002 Hamburg City State 2011-11-09
UKCTY040 Hampshire 2011-11-09
IN-HR Haryana state 2011-11-09
FRANPR13 Haute-Normandie DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
FR-HDF Hauts-de-France Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. 2018-05-09
CU-02 Havana Province of Cuba 2011-11-17
USTA011 Hawaii 2011-11-09
UKCTY041 Herefordshire 2011-11-09
UKCTY042 Hertfordshire 2011-11-09
GER00012 Hesse 2011-11-09
MXCTY013 Hidalgo 2011-11-09
IN-HP Himachal Pradesh state 2011-11-09
VN-SG Ho Chi Minh Municipality (equivalent to province) of Viet Nam 2022-06-28
JP-01 Hokkaido Prefecture Prefecture of Japan 2011-11-17
NO-12 Hordaland DEPRECATED Norwegian county 2022-10-07
JP-28 Hyogo Prefecture Administrative region of Japan. 2015-07-28
JP-08 Ibaraki Prefecture Prefecture of Japan 2011-11-17
USTA012 Idaho 2011-11-09
USTA013 Illinois 2011-11-09
KR-28 Incheon Metropolitan City (equivalent to Province) of the Republic of Korea. Romanised native name is Incheon Gwang'yeogsi 2014-07-21
USTA014 Indiana 2011-11-09
UKCTY043 Inverness-Shire 2011-11-09
USTA015 Iowa 2011-11-09
SPRG0014 Islas Baleares 2011-11-09
SPRG0008 Islas Canarias 2011-11-09
UKCTY044 Isle of Arran 2011-11-09
UKCTY045 Isle of Barra 2011-11-09
UKCTY046 Isle of Benbecula 2011-11-09
UKCTY047 Isle of Bute 2011-11-09
UKCTY048 Isle of Canna 2011-11-09
UKCTY049 Isle of Coll 2011-11-09
UKCTY050 Isle of Colonsay 2011-11-09
UKCTY051 Isle of Cumbrae 2011-11-09
UKCTY052 Isle of Eigg 2011-11-09
UKCTY053 Isle of Gigha 2011-11-09
UKCTY054 Isle of Harris 2011-11-09
UKCTY055 Isle of Iona 2011-11-09
UKCTY056 Isle of Islay 2011-11-09
UKCTY057 Isle of Jura 2011-11-09
UKCTY058 Isle of Lewis 2011-11-09
UKCTY059 Isle of Man 2011-11-09
UKCTY060 Isle of Mull 2011-11-09
UKCTY061 Isle of North Uist 2011-11-09
UKCTY062 Isle of Rum 2011-11-09
UKCTY063 Isle of Scalpay 2011-11-09
UKCTY064 Isle of Scilly 2011-11-09
UKCTY065 Isle of Skye 2011-11-09
UKCTY066 Isle of South Uist 2011-11-09
UKCTY067 Isle of Tiree 2011-11-09
UKCTY068 Isle of Wight 2011-11-09
TR-35 Izmir Province of Turkey 2017-02-02
ID-JK Jakarta Capital Region Capital District of Indonesia. Native name is Jakarta Raya. 2023-12-06
MXCTY014 Jalisco 2011-11-09
IN-JK Jammu and Kashmir Union territory 2023-12-06
NO-22 Jan Mayen Subdivision of Svalbard and Jan Mayen 2013-02-22
IL-JM Jerusalem District District of Israel 2011-11-17
IN-JH Jharkhand state 2011-11-09
SWCO0021 Jämtland County 2011-11-09
SWCO0007 Jönköping County 2011-11-09
SWCO0009 Kalmar County 2011-11-09
RU-KLU Kaluga Oblast Subject of the Russian Federation 2011-11-17
SURU-KLU Kaluga Oblast Subject of the Russian SFSR, USSR (Deprecated country) 2011-11-17
JP-14 Kanagawa Prefecture Administrative region of Japan 2011-12-05
USTA016 Kansas 2011-11-09
IN-KA Karnataka state 2011-11-09
UKCTY069 Kent 2011-11-09
USTA017 Kentucky 2011-11-09
IN-KL Kerala state 2011-11-09
UA-30 Kiev City and region of Ukraine. Alternative spelling Kyiv. 2016-05-16
UKCTY070 Kincardineshire 2011-11-09
UKCTY071 Kinross-Shire 2011-11-09
UKCTY072 Kirkcudbrightshire 2011-11-09
JP-39 Kochi Prefecture Administrative region of Japan. 2012-10-04
SWCO0008 Kronoberg County 2011-11-09
JP-26 Kyoto Prefecture Administrative region of Japan. 2012-10-04
SPRG0017 La Rioja 2011-11-09
NG-LA Lagos State of Nigeria 2014-07-21
IN-LD Lakshadweep Union territory 2011-11-09
UKCTY073 Lanarkshire 2011-11-09
UKCTY074 Lancashire 2011-11-09
FRANPR11 Languedoc-Roussillon DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
IT-62 Lazio Administrative region of Italy. 2013-04-24
UKCTY075 Leicestershire 2011-11-09
IT-42 Liguria Region of Italy 2011-11-17
BELGPR03 Limburg 2011-11-09
NEDP06 Limburg 2011-11-09
FRANPR22 Limousin DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
UKCTY076 Lincolnshire 2011-11-09
PT-11 Lisboa District of Portugal 2011-11-17
BELGPR10 Liège 2011-11-09
SI-061 Ljubljana Urban Municipality of Slovenia. 2022-12-06
IT-25 Lombardia Region of Italy 2011-11-17
UKCTY077 London 2011-11-09
FRANPR10 Lorraine DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
USTA018 Louisiana 2011-11-09
GER00006 Lower Saxony 2011-11-09
BELGPR11 Luxembourg 2011-11-09
UA-46 Lviv Oblast Province of Ukraine. Native name is Lvivska. Also known as Lvivshchyna. 2020-12-18
IN-MP Madhya Pradesh state 2011-11-09
SPRG0004 Madrid 2011-11-09
IN-MH Maharashtra state 2011-11-09
USTA019 Maine 2011-11-09
SA-02 Makkah Province of Saudi Arabia 2011-11-17
IN-MN Manipur state 2011-11-09
CANPRO06 Manitoba 2011-11-09
IT-57 Marche Region of Italy 2011-11-17
FRANPR24 Martinique DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
USTA020 Maryland 2011-11-09
USTA021 Massachusetts 2011-11-09
FR-MAY Mayotte Overseas Region of France since 01/01/2016. 2018-05-09
GER00005 Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 2012-06-19
IN-ML Meghalaya state 2011-11-09
SPRG0019 Melilla Ciudad 2011-11-09
UKCTY078 Merseyside 2011-11-09
TR-33 Mersin Province of Turkey. 2014-02-25
MXCTY009 Mexico City Federal Entity of Mexico. Native name is Ciudad de Mexico. 2022-12-06
MXCTY015 Mexico State State of Mexico 2012-06-27
USTA022 Michigan 2011-11-09
MXCTY016 Michoacán State of Mexico (sometimes 'Michoacan de Ocampo') 2012-06-27
UKCTY079 Mid Glamorgan 2011-11-09
UKCTY080 Middlesex 2011-11-09
FRANPR08 Midi-Pyrénées DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
UKCTY081 Midlothian 2011-11-09
USTA023 Minnesota 2011-11-09
USTA024 Mississippi 2011-11-09
USTA025 Missouri 2011-11-09
JP-04 Miyagi Prefecture Region in Japan. Capital is Sendai. 2013-09-03
IN-MZ Mizoram state 2011-11-09
KE37 Mombasa County of Kenya 2014-07-21
USTA026 Montana 2011-11-09
UY-MO Montevideo Department Department of Uruguay containing the city of the same name. 2016-08-01
UKCTY082 Morayshire 2011-11-09
MXCTY017 Morelos 2011-11-09
RU-MOW Moscow City state in the Russian Federation 2011-11-17
SURU-MOW Moscow City state in the Russian SFSR, USSR (Deprecated country) 2011-11-17
RU-MUR Murmansk Oblast Administrative region of the Russian Federation. Russian name is 'Murmanskaya Oblast'. 2012-09-29
OM-MA Muscat Governorate of Oman. Native name is Masqaţ. 2018-04-06
IN-NL Nagaland state 2011-11-09
JP-42 Nagasaki Prefecture 2020-10-25
UKCTY083 Nairnshire 2011-11-09
KE-110 Nairobi Province of Kenya 2011-11-17
BELGPR09 Namur 2011-11-09
PH-00 National Capital Region Region of the Philippines, also known as Metro Manila. Native name is Pambansang Punong Rehiyon. 2023-12-06
IN-DL National Capital Territory of Delhi Union territory 2011-11-09
SPRG0015 Navarra 2011-11-09
MXCTY018 Nayarit 2011-11-09
USTA027 Nebraska 2011-11-09
MY-05 Negeri Sembilan State of Malaysia 2011-11-17
USTA028 Nevada 2011-11-09
CANPRO07 New Brunswick 2011-11-09
USTA029 New Hampshire 2011-11-09
USTA030 New Jersey 2011-11-09
USTA031 New Mexico 2011-11-09
OZSTAT07 New South Wales 2011-11-09
USTA032 New York 2011-11-09
CANPRO03 Newfoundland and Labrador 2011-11-09
CY-01 Nicosia District District of Cyprus. Also known as Province of Nicosia (Eparchia Lefkosias). 2021-05-04
FRANPR04 Nord-Pas de Calais DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
UKCTY084 Norfolk 2011-11-09
FR-NOR Normandy Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. Native name is Normandie. 2018-05-09
SWCO0003 Norrbotten County 2011-11-09
NEDP07 North Brabant 2011-11-09
USTA033 North Carolina 2011-11-09
USTA034 North Dakota 2011-11-09
NEDP08 North Holland 2011-11-09
UKCTY085 North Humberside 2011-11-09
DANREG03 North Jutland Region of Denmark. Local name is Nordjylland. 2012-06-20
FI-13 North Karelia Region of Finland. Native name is Pohjois-Karjala (Finnish), Norra Karelen (Swedish). 2022-12-06
GER00009 North Rhine-Westphalia 2011-11-09
UKCTY086 North Yorkshire 2011-11-09
UKCTY087 Northamptonshire 2011-11-09
OZSTAT06 Northern Territory 2011-11-09
UKCTY088 Northumberland 2011-11-09
CANPRO08 Northwest Territories 2011-11-09
UKCTY089 Nottinghamshire 2011-11-09
FR-NAQ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. 2018-05-09
CANPRO02 Nova Scotia 2011-11-09
MXCTY019 Nuevo Leon 2011-11-09
CANPRO09 Nunavut 2011-11-09
MXCTY020 Oaxaca 2011-11-09
FR-OCC Occitanie Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. 2018-05-09
IN-OR Odisha state 2023-12-06
USTA035 Ohio 2011-11-09
USTA036 Oklahoma 2011-11-09
CANPRO04 Ontario 2011-11-09
USTA037 Oregon 2011-11-09
UKCTY090 Orkney 2011-11-09
JP-27 Osaka Prefecture Administrative region of Japan. 2012-10-04
NO-03 Oslo Norwegian county 2011-11-17
NZ-OTA Otago Region of New Zealand. Native name is O Takou. 2023-12-06
NEDP09 Overijssel 2011-11-09
UKCTY091 Oxfordshire 2011-11-09
SPRG0007 Pais Vasco 2011-11-09
SR-PM Paramaribo District of Suriname 2014-07-21
FR-PDL Pays de la Loire Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. 2018-05-09
FRANPR05 Pays de la Loire DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
UKCTY092 Peeblesshire 2011-11-09
USTA038 Pennsylvania 2011-11-09
UKCTY093 Perthshire 2011-11-09
FRANPR12 Picardie DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
FRANPR15 Poitou-Charentes DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
PL-PM Pomerania Polish voivodship. Native name is Pomorskie. 2023-12-06
TT-POS Port of Spain Municipality of Trinidad and Tobago, coterminous with the capital city. 2019-08-08
PT-NO Porto District of Portugal 2012-06-27
UKCTY094 Powys 2011-11-09
RU-PRI Primorsky Krai Subject of the Russian Federation 2011-11-17
CANPRO10 Prince Edward Island 2011-11-09
SPRG0013 Principado de Asturias 2011-11-09
FR-PAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. 2018-05-09
FRANPR03 Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
IN-PY Puducherry Union territory 2011-11-09
MXCTY021 Puebla 2011-11-09
IT-75 Puglia Province of Italy. Native name is Apulia. 2014-12-05
IN-PB Punjab state 2011-11-09
MU-QB Quatre Bornes Region of Mauritius containing town of same name. 2014-09-30
CANPRO11 Quebec 2011-11-09
OZSTAT05 Queensland 2011-11-09
MXCTY022 Querétaro State of Mexico (sometimes 'Querétaro de Atreaga') 2012-06-27
MXCTY023 Quintana Roo 2011-11-09
IN-RJ Rajasthan state 2011-11-09
SPRG0010 Region de Murcia 2011-11-09
UKCTY095 Renfrewshire 2011-11-09
GER00013 Rhineland-Palatinate 2011-11-09
USTA039 Rhode Island 2011-11-09
FRANPR02 Rhône-Alpes DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
BR-RS Rio Grande do Sul State of Brazil. 2012-11-30
BR-RJ Rio de Janeiro State of Brazil 2011-11-17
NO-11 Rogaland Norwegian county 2011-11-17
UKCTY096 Ross-Shire 2011-11-09
UKCTY097 Roxburghshire 2011-11-09
FR-LRE Réunion Overseas Region of France since 01/01/2016. Native name is La Réunion. 2018-05-09
FRANPR21 Réunion DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
GER00014 Saarland 2011-11-09
LK-9 Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka. Native name is Sabaragamuva palata 2014-07-21
CR-SJ San José Province Province of Costa Rica. 2015-07-31
MXCTY024 San Luis Potosi 2011-11-09
CANPRO12 Saskatchewan 2011-11-09
GER00010 Saxony 2011-11-09
GER00008 Saxony Anhalt 2011-11-09
GER00004 Schleswig-Holstein 2011-11-09
MY-10 Selangor State of Malaysia. Alternative name is Selangor Darul Ehsan 2014-07-21
UKCTY098 Selkirkshire 2011-11-09
KR-11 Seoul Special City of the Republic of Korea. Native name is Seoul-teukbyeolsi. 2023-12-06
GL-SM Sermersooq Municipality of Greenland 2011-11-17
CN-SN Shaanxi Province of China. Alternative spelling: Shensi. 2021-10-27
CN-37 Shandong Province of China. 2016-05-04
CN-31 Shanghai Municipality Province of China 2011-11-17
UKCTY099 Shetland 2011-11-09
UKCTY100 Shetland Islands 2011-11-09
JP-22 Shizuoka Prefecture Administrative region of Japan. 2018-04-13
UKCTY101 Shropshire 2011-11-09
CN-SC Sichuan Province of China. Romanised native name is Sichuan Sheng. 2019-01-14
IT-82 Sicily Region of Italy. Native name is Sicilia. 2014-12-05
IN-SK Sikkim state 2011-11-09
MXCTY026 Sinaloa 2011-11-09
PK-SD Sindh Province of Pakistan 2014-07-21
SWCO0012 Skåne County 2011-11-09
UKCTY102 Somerset 2011-11-09
MXCTY027 Sonora 2011-11-09
OZSTAT04 South Australia 2011-11-09
CZ-31 South Bohemia Region of the Czech Republic 2011-11-17
USTA040 South Carolina 2011-11-09
USTA041 South Dakota 2011-11-09
DANREG05 South Denmark Region of Denmark. Local name is Syddanmark. 2012-06-20
UKCTY103 South Glamorgan 2011-11-09
NEDP10 South Holland 2011-11-09
UKCTY104 South Humberside 2011-11-09
NCSOUTH South Province Province of New Caledonia 2011-11-17
UKCTY105 South Yorkshire 2011-11-09
HR-17 Split-Dalmatia County of Croatia 2011-11-17
YUHR-17 Split-Dalmatia County of Croatia, Yugoslavia (Deprecated country) 2011-11-17
BM-STG St George's Administrative division of Bermuda 2012-03-17
RU-SPE St Petersburg Autonomous city in the Russian Federation. Transliteration from Cyrillic is Sankt-Peterburg. 2012-10-03
UKCTY106 Staffordshire 2011-11-09
UKCTY107 Stirlingshire 2011-11-09
SWCO0001 Stockholm County 2011-11-09
AT-6 Styria State of Austria. Native name is Steiermark. 2017-06-16
UKCTY108 Suffolk 2011-11-09
UKCTY109 Surrey 2011-11-09
UKCTY110 Sutherland 2011-11-09
NO-21 Svalbard Subdivision of Svalbard and Jan Mayen 2013-02-22
BR-SP São Paulo State of Brazil 2011-11-17
SWCO0005 Södermanland County 2011-11-09
NO-16 Sør-Trøndelag Norwegian county 2011-11-17
MXCTY028 Tabasco 2011-11-09
TW-TPE Taipei Municipality of Taiwan, Province of China 2011-11-17
MXCTY029 Tamaulipas 2011-11-09
IN-TN Tamil Nadu state 2011-11-09
EE-78 Tartu County of Estonia. Native name is Tartumaa. 2017-11-28
OZSTAT03 Tasmania 2011-11-09
IL-TA Tel Aviv District District of Israel 2011-11-17
USTA042 Tennessee 2011-11-09
USTA043 Texas 2011-11-09
GER00011 Thuringia 2011-11-09
CN-12 Tianjin Municipality (equivalent to province) of China 2014-07-21
MXCTY030 Tlaxcala 2011-11-09
JP-13 Tokyo Prefecture of Japan 2011-11-17
RU-TOM Tomsk Oblast Subject (administrative region) of the Russian Federation. Russian name is 'Tomskaya Oblast'. 2020-02-20
JP-16 Toyama Prefecture Prefecture of Japan 2011-11-17
IN-TR Tripura state 2011-11-09
NO-19 Troms DEPRECATED Norwegian county 2022-10-07
NO-54 Troms og Finnmark Norwegian county 2022-10-07
IT-52 Tuscany Region of Italy. Native name is Toscana. 2017-01-18
UKCTY111 Tyne and Wear 2011-11-09
AT-7 Tyrol Federal State (Bundesland) of Austria. Native spelling is Tirol. 2016-01-12
FO-TOR Tórshavnar Municipality of the Faroe Islands 2011-11-17
UKCTXXXX Unknown The correct value is not known to, and not computable by, the sender of this data. However, a correct value probably exists 2006-02-28
AT-UA Upper Austria Austrian state 2011-11-18
SWCO0004 Uppsala County 2011-11-09
USTA044 Utah 2011-11-09
NEDP11 Utrecht 2011-11-09
IN-UP Uttar Pradesh state 2011-11-09
IN-UL Uttarakhand state 2011-11-09
FI-US Uusimaa Region of Finland 2011-11-17
CL-VS Valparaíso Region of Chile 2011-11-17
VE-X Vargas State of Venezuela. Formed 1998. 2018-06-29
CH-VD Vaud Canton of Switzerland. Francophone. 2018-11-14
IT-34 Veneto Region of Italy 2011-11-17
MXCTY031 Veracruz State of Mexico (sometimes 'Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave') 2012-06-27
USTA045 Vermont 2011-11-09
NO-46 Vestland Norwegian county 2022-10-07
OZSTAT02 Victoria Australian state 2011-11-09
AT-9 Vienna State of Austria 2011-11-17
NO-30 Viken Norwegian county 2022-10-07
USTA046 Virginia 2011-11-09
SWCO0015 Värmland County 2011-11-09
SWCO0002 Västerbotten County 2011-11-09
SWCO0020 Västernorrland County 2011-11-09
SWCO0017 Västmanland County 2011-11-09
SWCO0014 Västra Götaland County 2011-11-09
NZ-WKO Waikato Region of New Zealand 2011-11-17
BELGPR08 Walloon Brabant Province of Belgium. Known locally as Brabant Wallon. 2012-06-20
UKCTY112 Warwickshire 2011-11-09
USTA047 Washington 2011-11-09
IN-WB West Bengal state 2011-11-09
BELGPR06 West Flanders Province of Belgium. Known locally as West-Vlaanderen. 2012-06-20
UKCTY113 West Glamorgan 2011-11-09
ID-JB West Java Province of Indonesia. Native name is Jawa Barat. 2022-12-06
UKCTY114 West Lothian 2011-11-09
UKCTY115 West Midlands 2011-11-09
CM-OU West Region Region of Cameroon. Native name is Région de l'Ouest 2014-07-21
UKCTY116 West Sussex 2011-11-09
USTA048 West Virginia 2011-11-09
UKCTY117 West Yorkshire 2011-11-09
OZSTAT01 Western Australia 2011-11-09
ZA-WC Western Cape Province of South Africa 2011-11-17
UKCTY118 Western Isles 2011-11-09
LK-1 Western Province Province of Sri Lanka. Native name is Basnahira palata 2014-07-21
UKCTY119 Wigtownshire 2011-11-09
UKCTY120 Wiltshire 2011-11-09
PF-WI Windward Islands Administrative subdivision of French Polynesia 2011-11-17
USTA049 Wisconsin 2011-11-09
UKCTY121 Worcestershire 2011-11-09
USTA050 Wyoming 2011-11-09
MM-06 Yangon Region of Myanmar 2014-07-21
MXCTY032 Yucatan 2011-11-09
CANPRO13 Yukon 2011-11-09
MXCTY033 Zacatecas 2011-11-09
TZ-15 Zanzibar West Region of Tanzania. Native name is Mjini Magharibi 2021-07-29
DANREG04 Zealand Region of Denmark. Local name is Sjaelland. 2012-06-20
NEDP12 Zeeland 2011-11-09
CN-ZJ Zhejiang Province of China. Alternate spelling is Chekiang. 2020-02-20
CH-ZH Zurich Canton of Switzerland 2011-11-17
UKCTYZZZ inapplicable There is no appropriate value 2011-08-26
FR-IDF Île-de-France Metropolitan Region of France since 01/01/2016. 2018-05-09
FRANPR01 Île-de-France DEPRECATED 2018-05-03
SWCO0016 Örebro County 2011-11-09
SWCO0006 Östergötland County 2011-11-09