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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
MRAT0012 Abstraction and flow regulation The removal of water from the marine environment, and/or the anthropogenic regulation of flow by barrages, wiers or other permanent structures 2007-06-29
MRAT0005 Aggregate extraction The extraction of material from the seabed for economic profit 2007-06-29
MRAT0011 Alien species The introduction of organisms that are not indigenous to a given place or area and instead have been accidentally or deliberately transported to this new location by human activity. 2007-06-29
MRAT0013 Climate change The variation in the Earth's global climate or in regional climates over time. It describes changes in the variability over time scales ranging from decades to millions of years. These changes may come from processes internal to the Earth, be driven by external forces (e.g. variations in sunlight intensity) or, most recently, be caused by human activities. 2007-06-29
MRAT0017 Coastal and offshore infrastructure Physical effects on the water column or seabed caused by coastal and offshore infrastructure (eg marinas, harbours, oil and gas platforms, wind turbines) 2007-12-05
MRAT0007 Commercial fishing The removal of wild fish from the environment by humans 2007-12-05
MRAT0004 Dredge disposal The disposal of material which originates from the seabed 2007-06-29
MRAT0003 Dredging The removal of material from the seabed 2007-06-29
MRAT0010 Hazardous substances enrichment The enrichment of chemicals that are potentially toxic above natural levels 2007-06-29
MRAT0001 Land reclaim Alteration of the state of the seabed for land use 2007-06-29
MRAT0014 Litter The degradation of the environment from waste types consisting of any tangible personal property which has been unlawfully scattered and or abandoned 2007-06-29
MRAT0020 Mariculture The cultivation of marine organisms in their natural habitats, usually for commercial purposes. 2007-12-05
MRAT0021 Navigation Physical effects on the water column or seabed caused by shipping, boating and anchoring. 2007-12-05
MRAT0018 Noise The introduction of noise into the marine environment such as by siesmic surveys, shipping or coastal and offshore infrastructure. 2007-12-05
MRAT0008 Nutrient enrichment The enrichment of nutrients particularly nitrogen species, phosphate and silicate above natural levels 2007-06-29
MRAT0022 Operational oceanography Monitoring activities that are carried out to provide oceanographic forecasts and services to the public and scientific community. They do not provide information on a specific environmental pressure. 2011-02-24
MRAT0009 Organic enrichment The enrichment of carbon based compounds above natural levels 2007-06-29
MRAT0006 Shellfish harvesting The removal of wild shellfish from the environment by humans 2007-12-05
MRAT0002 Shoreline reinforcement Alteration of the coastline for the protection of land from the sea 2007-06-29
MRAT0019 Temperature modification Localised temperature changes caused by human activities such as power stations. 2007-12-05
MRAT0015 Unknown The correct value is not known to, and not computable by, the sender of this data. However, a correct value probably exists 2007-06-29
MRAT0016 inapplicable There is no appropriate value 2011-08-26