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NMF-SS Research Vessel underway variable NetCDF vocabulary

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
pressure air pressure 2016-01-13
airtemp air temperature 2016-01-13
gndcourse course over the ground 2016-01-13
truewindspeed earth relative wind speed 2016-01-13
truewinddir earthrelativewinddirection 2016-01-13
fluorescence fluorescence 2016-01-13
latitude latitude 2016-01-13
longitude longitude 2016-01-13
ppar port photosynthetically active radiation 2016-01-13
ptir port total irradiance 2016-01-13
humidity relative humidity 2016-01-13
conduct sea surface conductivity 2016-01-13
salin sea surface salinity 2016-01-13
seatemp sea surface temperature 2016-01-13
relwinddir ship relative wind direction 2016-01-13
relwindspeed ship relative wind speed 2016-01-13
heading ships heading 2016-01-13
gndspeed speed over the ground 2016-01-13
logfa speed through water 2016-01-13
spar starboard photosynthetically active radiation 2016-01-13
stir starboard total irradiance 2016-01-13
time time as days since 1899-12-30T00:00:00Z 2016-03-16