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International Standards Organisation countries

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
AF Afghanistan 2008-10-03
AL Albania 2008-10-03
DZ Algeria 2008-10-03
AS American Samoa 2008-10-03
AD Andorra 2008-10-03
AO Angola 2008-10-03
AI Anguilla 2008-10-03
AQ Antarctica 2008-10-03
AG Antigua and Barbuda 2008-10-03
AR Argentina 2008-10-03
AM Armenia 2008-10-03
AW Aruba 2008-10-03
AU Australia 2008-10-03
AT Austria 2008-10-03
AZ Azerbaijan 2008-10-03
BS Bahamas 2008-10-03
BH Bahrain 2008-10-03
BD Bangladesh 2008-10-03
BB Barbados 2008-10-03
BY Belarus 2008-10-03
BE Belgium 2008-10-03
BZ Belize 2008-10-03
BJ Benin 2008-10-03
BM Bermuda 2008-10-03
BT Bhutan 2008-10-03
BO Bolivia, Plurinational State of 2011-12-14
BQ Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Added in ISO 3166-1 Newsletter VI-8 (2010-12-15)). Code was formerly used for the British Antarctic Territory 2011-12-14
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina 2008-10-03
BW Botswana 2008-10-03
BV Bouvet Island 2008-10-03
BR Brazil 2008-10-03
BQAQ British Antarctic Territory DEPRECATED Merged to form part of Antarctica AQ in 1979 2007-08-22
IO British Indian Ocean Territory 2008-10-03
BN Brunei Darussalam 2008-10-03
BG Bulgaria 2008-10-03
BF Burkina Faso 2008-10-03
BUMM Burma DEPRECATED Changed its name to Myanmar MM in 1989. BU is reserved for reuse. 2007-08-22
BI Burundi 2008-10-03
KH Cambodia 2008-10-03
CM Cameroon 2008-10-03
CA Canada 2008-10-03
CTKI Canton and Enderbury Islands DEPRECATED Merged to form part of Kiribati KI in 1984. 2007-08-22
CV Cape Verde 2008-10-03
KY Cayman Islands 2008-10-03
CF Central African Republic 2008-10-03
TD Chad 2008-10-03
CL Chile 2008-10-03
CN China 2008-10-03
CX Christmas Island 2008-10-03
CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2008-10-03
CO Colombia 2008-10-03
KM Comoros 2008-10-03
CG Congo 2010-11-01
CD Congo, Democratic Republic of 2019-04-16
CK Cook Islands 2008-10-03
CR Costa Rica 2008-10-03
HR Croatia 2008-10-03
CU Cuba 2008-10-03
CW Curaçao Added in ISO 3166-1 Newsletter VI-8 (2010-12-15)). 2011-12-14
CY Cyprus 2008-10-03
CZ Czechia Official name is Czech Republic 2019-04-16
CSHH Czechoslovakia DEPRECATED Split up into Czech Republic CZ and Slovakia SK in 1993. CS was reassigned to Serbia and Montenegro until its split in 2006. 2007-08-22
CI Côte d'Ivoire 2016-01-13
DYBJ Dahomey DEPRECATED Changed its name to Benin BJ in 1977. 2007-08-22
VDVN Democratic Republic of Viet-Nam DEPRECATED Merged to form part of Viet Nam VN in 1977. 2007-08-22
YDYE Democratic Yemen DEPRECATED Merged to form part of Yemen YE in 1990. 2007-08-22
DK Denmark 2008-10-03
DJ Djibouti 2008-10-03
DM Dominica 2008-10-03
DO Dominican Republic 2008-10-03
NQAQ Dronning Maud Land DEPRECATED Merged to form part of Antarctica AQ in 1983 2007-08-22
TPTL East Timor DEPRECATED Changed its code to TL in 2002. TP reserved for reuse. 2007-08-22
EC Ecuador 2008-10-03
EG Egypt 2008-10-03
SV El Salvador 2008-10-03
GQ Equatorial Guinea 2008-10-03
ER Eritrea 2008-10-03
EE Estonia 2008-10-03
SZ Eswatini Official name is Kingdom of Eswatini, Changed from 'Kingdom of Swaziland' in 2018 2019-04-16
ET Ethiopia 2008-10-03
EU European Union Exceptionally reserved ISO 3166 code for the European Union by the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency (ISO 3166/MA) - to be used in applications where the European Union is the administrative or legal entity. 2020-11-17
FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 2008-10-03
FO Faroe Islands 2008-10-03
FJ Fiji 2008-10-03
FI Finland 2008-10-03
FR France 2008-10-03
GF French Guiana 2008-10-03
PF French Polynesia 2008-10-03
TF French Southern Territories 2008-10-03
FQHH French Southern and Antarctic Territories DEPRECATED Split up into Adélie Land, which merged to form part of Antarctica AQ, and French Southern Territories TF in 1979. 2007-08-22
AIDJ French Territory of the Afars and the Issas DEPRECATED Changed its name to Djibouti DJ in 1977. AI has been reassigned to Anguilla. 2007-08-22
GA Gabon 2008-10-03
GM Gambia 2008-10-03
GE Georgia 2008-10-03
DDDE German Democratic Republic DEPRECATED Merged to form part of Germany DE in 1990. 2007-08-22
DE Germany 2008-10-03
GH Ghana 2008-10-03
GI Gibraltar 2008-10-03
GEHH Gilbert and Ellice Islands DEPRECATED Split up into Kiribati KI and Tuvalu TV in 1979. GE has been reassigned to Georgia. 2007-08-22
GR Greece 2008-10-03
GL Greenland 2008-10-03
GD Grenada 2008-10-03
GP Guadeloupe 2008-10-03
GU Guam 2008-10-03
GT Guatemala 2008-10-03
GG Guernsey 2008-10-03
GN Guinea 2008-10-03
GW Guinea-Bissau 2008-10-03
GY Guyana 2008-10-03
HT Haiti 2008-10-03
HM Heard and McDonald Islands 2008-10-03
VA Holy See (Vatican City State) 2008-10-03
HN Honduras 2008-10-03
HK Hong Kong 2008-10-03
HU Hungary 2008-10-03
IS Iceland 2008-10-03
IN India 2008-10-03
ID Indonesia 2008-10-03
IR Iran, Islamic Republic of 2008-10-03
IQ Iraq 2008-10-03
IE Ireland 2008-10-03
IM Isle Of Man 2008-10-03
IL Israel 2008-10-03
IT Italy 2008-10-03
JM Jamaica 2008-10-03
JP Japan 2008-10-03
JE Jersey 2008-10-03
JTUM Johnston Island DEPRECATED Merged to form part of United States Minor Outlying Islands UM in 1986. 2007-08-22
JO Jordan 2008-10-03
KZ Kazakhstan 2008-10-03
KE Kenya 2008-10-03
KI Kiribati 2008-10-03
KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic of 2008-10-03
KR Korea, Republic of 2008-10-03
KW Kuwait 2008-10-03
KG Kyrgyzstan 2008-10-03
LA Lao People's Democratic Republic 2008-10-03
LV Latvia 2008-10-03
LB Lebanon 2008-10-03
LS Lesotho 2008-10-03
LR Liberia 2008-10-03
LY Libya 2011-12-14
LI Liechtenstein 2008-10-03
LT Lithuania 2008-10-03
LU Luxembourg 2008-10-03
MO Macau Also spelled 'Macao' 2019-04-16
MG Madagascar 2008-10-03
MW Malawi 2008-10-03
MY Malaysia 2008-10-03
MV Maldives 2008-10-03
ML Mali 2008-10-03
MT Malta 2008-10-03
MH Marshall Islands 2008-10-03
MQ Martinique 2008-10-03
MR Mauritania 2008-10-03
MU Mauritius 2008-10-03
YT Mayotte 2008-10-03
FXFR Metropolitan France DEPRECATED Merged to form part of France FR in 1997. 2007-08-22
MX Mexico 2008-10-03
FM Micronesia, Federated States of 2008-10-03
MIUM Midway Islands DEPRECATED Merged to form part of United States Minor Outlying Islands UM in 1986. 2007-08-22
MD Moldova, Republic of 2011-12-14
MC Monaco 2008-10-03
MN Mongolia 2008-10-03
ME Montenegro 2008-10-03
MS Montserrat 2008-10-03
MA Morocco 2008-10-03
MZ Mozambique 2008-10-03
MM Myanmar 2008-10-03
NA Namibia 2008-10-03
NR Nauru 2008-10-03
NP Nepal 2008-10-03
NL Netherlands 2008-10-03
ANHH Netherlands Antilles DEPRECATED Split into Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba BQ and Curaçao CW (ISO 3166-1 Newsletter VI-8 (2010-12-15)) 2011-12-14
NTHH Neutral Zone DEPRECATED Split up into two parts, which merged to form parts of Iraq IQ and Saudi Arabia SA respectively in 1993. NT reserved for reuse. 2007-08-22
NC New Caledonia 2008-10-03
NHVU New Hebrides DEPRECATED Changed its name to Vanuatu VU in 1980. 2007-08-22
NZ New Zealand 2008-10-03
NI Nicaragua 2008-10-03
NE Niger 2008-10-03
NG Nigeria 2008-10-03
NU Niue 2008-10-03
NF Norfolk Island 2008-10-03
MK North Macedonia Official name is the Republic of North Macedonia. Changed from 'Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of' in 2019 2020-03-03
MP Northern Mariana Islands 2008-10-03
NO Norway 2008-10-03
OM Oman 2008-10-03
PK Pakistan 2008-10-03
PW Palau 2008-10-03
PS Palestine, State of Formerly known as 'Occupied Palestinian Territory' 2019-04-16
PA Panama 2008-10-03
PZPA Panama Canal Zone DEPRECATED Merged to form part of Panama PA in 1980. 2007-08-22
PG Papua New Guinea 2008-10-03
PY Paraguay 2008-10-03
PE Peru 2008-10-03
PH Philippines 2008-10-03
PN Pitcairn 2008-10-03
PL Poland 2008-10-03
PT Portugal 2008-10-03
PR Puerto Rico 2008-10-03
QA Qatar 2008-10-03
RHZW Rhodesia DEPRECATED Changed its name to Zimbabwe ZW in 1980. 2007-08-22
RO Romania 2008-10-03
RU Russian Federation 2008-10-03
RW Rwanda 2008-10-03
RE Réunion 2011-12-14
BL Saint Barthélemy Added in ISO Newsletter published 2007-09-21 2008-10-03
SH Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha 2011-12-14
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis 2008-10-03
LC Saint Lucia 2008-10-03
MF Saint Martin (French part) Added in ISO Newsletter published 2007-09-21 2008-10-03
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon 2008-10-03
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 2019-04-16
WS Samoa 2008-10-03
SM San Marino 2008-10-03
ST Sao Tome and Principe 2008-10-03
SA Saudi Arabia 2008-10-03
SN Senegal 2008-10-03
RS Serbia 2008-10-03
CSXX Serbia and Montenegro DEPRECATED Split up into Montenegro ME and Serbia RS in 2006. Code CS reserved for potential reuse. 2007-08-22
SC Seychelles 2008-10-03
SL Sierra Leone 2008-10-03
SKIN Sikkim DEPRECATED Merged to form part of India IN in 1975. SK has been reassigned to Slovakia. 2007-08-22
SG Singapore 2008-10-03
SX Sint Maarten (Dutch part) Added in ISO 3166-1 Newsletter VI-8 (2010-12-15)). 2011-12-14
SK Slovakia 2008-10-03
SI Slovenia 2008-10-03
SB Solomon Islands 2008-10-03
SO Somalia 2008-10-03
ZA South Africa 2008-10-03
GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 2008-10-03
SS South Sudan Added in ISO Newsletter published 2011-08-16 2011-08-19
ES Spain 2008-10-03
LK Sri Lanka 2008-10-03
SD Sudan 2008-10-03
SR Suriname 2008-10-03
SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen 2008-10-03
SE Sweden 2008-10-03
CH Switzerland 2008-10-03
SY Syrian Arab Republic 2008-10-03
TW Taiwan, Province of China 2008-10-03
TJ Tajikistan 2008-10-03
TZ Tanzania, United Republic of 2008-10-03
TH Thailand 2008-10-03
TL Timor-Leste 2008-10-03
TG Togo 2008-10-03
TK Tokelau 2008-10-03
TO Tonga 2008-10-03
TT Trinidad and Tobago 2008-10-03
PCHH Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands DEPRECATED Split up into Federated States of Micronesia FM, Marshall Islands MH, Northern Mariana Islands MP, and Palau PW in 1986. 2007-08-22
TN Tunisia 2008-10-03
TR Turkey 2008-10-03
TM Turkmenistan 2008-10-03
TC Turks and Caicos Islands 2008-10-03
TV Tuvalu 2008-10-03
PUUM U.S. Miscellaneous Pacific Islands DEPRECATED Consisting of Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Kingman Reef, and Palmyra Atoll. Merged to form part of United States Minor Outlying Islands UM in 1986. 2007-08-22
SUHH U.S.S.R. DEPRECATED Split up in 1992. Code SU is reserved for reuse. 2007-08-22
UG Uganda 2008-10-03
UA Ukraine 2008-10-03
AE United Arab Emirates 2008-10-03
GB United Kingdom 2008-10-03
US United States 2008-10-03
UM United States Minor Outlying Islands 2008-10-03
99 Unknown The correct value is not known to, and not computable by, the sender of this data. However, a correct value probably exists 2008-10-02
HVBF Upper Volta DEPRECATED Changed its name to Burkina Faso BF in 1984. 2007-08-22
UY Uruguay 2008-10-03
UZ Uzbekistan 2008-10-03
VU Vanuatu 2008-10-03
VE Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 2011-12-14
VN Viet Nam 2008-10-03
VG Virgin Islands, British 2008-10-03
VI Virgin Islands, U.S. 2008-10-03
WKUM Wake Island DEPRECATED Merged to form part of United States Minor Outlying Islands UM in 1986. 2007-08-22
WF Wallis and Futuna 2008-10-03
EH Western Sahara 2008-10-03
YE Yemen 2008-10-03
YUCS Yugoslavia DEPRECATED Represented Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia until 1991 and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1992 to 2003. Changed its name to Serbia and Montenegro CS. YU reserved for reuse. 2007-08-22
ZRCD Zaire DEPRECATED Changed its name to Democratic Republic of the Congo CD in 1997. ZR reserved for reuse. 2007-08-22
ZM Zambia 2008-10-03
ZW Zimbabwe 2008-10-03
9X inapplicable There is no appropriate value 2011-08-26
AX Åland Islands 2011-12-14