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EMODnet micro-litter types

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
H0100004 microplastic filaments Slender thread-like plastic micro-litter particles. 2018-02-13
H0100005 microplastic films Micro-litter particles derived from plastic sheets or thin plastic films. 2018-02-13
H0100002 microplastic fragments Irregularly-shaped plastic micro-litter particles with broken off edges that may be rounded or angular. 2018-02-13
H0100001 microplastic items A generic term for any kind of micro-litter item made of any kind of plastic material. 2018-02-13
H0100003 microplastic pellets Regularly-shaped plastic micro-litter particles. 2018-02-13
H0100006 microplastic styrofoam Micro-litter particles of styrofoam. 2018-02-13
H0100008 non-plastic filaments (natural fibres, rubber) Filaments of non-plastic material such as natural fibres or rubber that are present in micro-litter samples. 2018-05-23
H0100007 non-plastic man-made micro-particles (e.g. glass, metal, tar) A generic term for any kind of micro-litter item that is not made of plastic. 2018-02-13