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BODC parameter semantic model biological entity colour terms

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DescriptionControlled vocabulary defining the terms that may be used for colour or optical appearance of a biological entity (component of the what theme) in the BODC parameter semantic model.
CreatorBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
Version Info3
Identifier S15
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner British Oceanographic Data Centre
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Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
S154 blue 2006-09-18
S155 brown 2006-09-18
S151 colourless 2006-02-17
S156 cream 2006-09-18
S157 dark yellow-brown 2006-09-18
S158 dull orange 2006-09-18
S159 green-brown 2006-09-18
S1510 grey 2006-09-18
S1511 light blue 2006-09-18
S152 not specified 2006-02-17
S1512 orange 2006-09-18
S1513 orange-red 2006-09-18
S1514 pink 2006-09-18
S1515 purple 2006-09-18
S1522 red 2009-07-01
S1516 semi-transparent light brown 2006-09-18
S153 transparent 2006-02-17
S1517 virtually transparent white 2006-09-18
S1518 white 2006-09-18
S1519 white column, brown stalk The biological entity is described as having a white column and a brown stalk. 2017-01-18
S1520 yellow 2006-09-18
S1521 yellow-white 2006-09-18