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MEDIN ecosystem service types

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DescriptionTerms used to classify the conditions and processes through which natural ecosystems sustain and fulfil human life.
CreatorMEDIN Standards Group
Version Info2
Identifier M11
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner MEDIN Standards Group
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
4 Benefits A measurable improvement to human well-being, derived from one or more ecosystem service(s). (Boyd & Banzhaf 2007). 2013-11-14
8 Cultural services Ecosystem services that provide non-material benefits for people such as recreational, aesthetic, intellectual and spiritual benefits. (MEA, 2003) 2013-11-14
5 Ecological processes and functions The physical, chemical, and biological processes or attributes that contribute to the self-maintenance of an ecosystem. (MEA, 2003) 2013-11-14
1 Ecosystem services The conditions and processes through which natural ecosystems, and the species that make them up, sustain and fulfil human life. (Daily, G.C. (Ed) 1997). 2013-11-14
3 Final services Components of nature, directly enjoyed, consumed, or used to yield human well-being. (Boyd & Banzhaf 2007). 2013-11-14
2 Intermediate services Intermediate ecological components that contribute to final services, but are not directly consumed, enjoyed or used. (Boyd & Banzhaf 2007). 2013-11-14
7 Provisioning services Ecosystem services that result in the supply of products from ecosystems, such as food, water, timber, pharmaceuticals and ?bres. (MEA, 2003) 2013-11-14
6 Regulating services Ecosystem services that regulate natural processes occurring within ecosystems. E.g. those that affect climate, ?oods, disease, wastes, and water quality. (MEA, 2003) 2017-03-14
9 Support services Ecosystem services that are necessary for the production or maintainence of other ecosystem services. Examples include; soil formation, primary production (e.g. photosythesis), and nutrient cycling. (MEA, 2003) 2013-11-14