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Subset of GRIB Table 4.2 - Parameter number by product discipline and parameter category

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DescriptionExtract of definitions from World Meteorological Organisation GRIB2 Table 4.2: meteorological parameter number by product discipline and parameter category.
CreatorWorld Meteorological Organisation
Version Info1
Identifier I01
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner World Meteorological Organisation
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
0.1.6 Evaporation {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "moisture","parameter": "Evaporation","units": "Kg m-2"} 2012-11-13
0.4.3 Global radiation flux {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "short-wave radiation","parameter": "Global radiation flux","units": "W m-2"} 2012-11-13
0.5.5 Net long wave radiation flux {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "long-wave radiation","parameter": "Net long wave radiation flux","units": "W m-2"} 2012-11-13
0.4.9 Net short wave radiation flux {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "short-wave radiation","parameter": "Net short wave radiation flux","units": "W m-2"} 2012-11-13
0.1.19 Precipitation type {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "moisture","parameter": "Precipitation type","units": "Kg m-2"} 2012-11-13
0.3.1 Pressure reduced to MSL {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "mass","parameter": "Pressure reduced to MSL","units": "Pa"} 2012-11-13
0.1.1 Relative humidity {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "moisture","parameter": "Relative humidity","units": "%"} 2012-11-13
0.1.11 Snow depth {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "moisture","parameter": "Snow depth","units": "(Code table 4.201)"} 2012-11-13
0.0.0 Temperature {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "temperature","parameter": "Temperature","units": "K"} 2012-11-13
0.6.1 Total cloud cover {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "cloud","parameter": "Total cloud cover","units": "%"} 2012-11-13
0.1.52 Total precipitation rate {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "moisture","parameter": "Total precipitation rate","units": "Kg m-2 s-1", "note": "Total precipitation/snowfall rate stands for the sum of convective and large-scale precipitation/snowfall rate"} 2012-11-13
0.19.0 Visibility {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "physical atmospheric","parameter": "Visibility","units": "m"} 2012-11-13
0.2.0 Wind direction (from which blowing) {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "momentum","parameter": "Wind direction (from which blowing)","units": "degree true"} 2012-11-13
0.2.1 Wind speed {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "momentum","parameter": "Wind speed","units": "m s-1"} 2012-11-13
0.2.22 Wind speed (gust) {"discipline": "Meteorological products","category": "momentum","parameter": "Wind speed (gust)","units": "m s-1"} 2012-11-13