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SensorML Event Classification Terms

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DescriptionTerms used in SensorML to describe aspects of an Event.
CreatorSensor Web Enablement Marine Profiles
Version Info1
Identifier W11
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner Sensor Web Enablement Marine Profiles
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Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
ECLS0003 Event action A temporal punctuation (like a step, a phase, a moment) in an ongoing process which can be deliberate or incidental; for instance 'Start', 'End', 'Failure'. 2020-11-04
ECLS0001 Event process An activity performed by a system and consisting of a sequence of punctuated actions (including malfunctions and deliberate actions). 2020-11-04
ECLS0002 Event subject The primary scientific purpose of the event (e.g. a given scientific activity preferably selected from a controlled vocabulary). 2020-11-04