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DescriptionTerms used in SensorML to describe properties of an observation system that do not further qualify or quantify its output values.
CreatorSensor Web Enablement Marine Profiles
Version Info3
Identifier W05
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner Sensor Web Enablement Marine Profiles
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
CHAR0006 Data storage The capacity or memory space of a device or system. 2016-07-20
CHAR0010 Data storage type Recording media that are used to retain digital data. 2017-12-08
CHAR0009 Electrical current type The kind of electron flow through a conductor (i.e. direct current, alternating current). 2017-12-08
CHAR0003 Height The measured extent (distance) from the base to the top of an object. 2016-07-20
CHAR0005 Housing material The casing type of a device or system. 2016-07-20
CHAR0008 Input power range The amount of electricity fed into a system. 2017-12-08
CHAR0002 Length The measured extent (distance) of the longest dimension of an object. 2016-07-20
CHAR0007 Transmission mode The method of communication used to send information from a device or system to shore (e.g. ARGOS, IRIDIUM, Acoustic, Cabled). 2016-09-14
CHAR0001 Weight The mass or heaviness of an object on Earth. 2016-07-20
CHAR0004 Width The measured extent (distance) of an object that is at right angles to the length. 2016-07-20