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DescriptionTerms used to describe events or operations that have taken place during the life of an observation system (e.g. a sensor, a platform, an instrument, a network).
CreatorSensor Web Enablement Marine Profiles
Version Info2
Identifier W03
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner Sensor Web Enablement Marine Profiles
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Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
W030017 Accredited authority or laboratory calibration A calibration performed by an accredited authority or laboratory, normally for compliance with national or international quality standards, procedures or guidelines. 2020-11-11
W030003 Calibration An event in the life of a sensor or instrument in which the coefficients used to convert its outputs into engineering units, or improve its accuracy, are determined and applied. 2016-06-23
W030012 Decommissioning Instrument or platform is withdrawn from service. 2016-06-23
W030001 Delivery Instrument or platform is delivered to the owner. 2016-06-23
W030002 Deployment Placement of an instrument or platform to where it will make measurements. 2016-06-23
W030009 Failure Unexpected malfunction of instrument or platform. 2016-06-23
W030016 In-situ calibration A calibration performed against discrete in-situ measurements, such as from water-bottle samples. 2020-11-11
W030006 LoanEnd Instrument or platform is returned by a third party. 2016-06-23
W030005 LoanStart Instrument or platform is supplied to a third-party for a limited period of time. 2016-06-23
W030011 Loss Instrument or platform is lost. 2016-06-23
W030010 Maintenance Instrument or platform is under maintainance. 2016-06-23
W030015 Manufacturer's calibration A calibration performed by the manufacturer of the device or system. 2020-11-11
W030004 Recovery Return of an instrument or platform from where it has made measurements. 2016-06-23
W030013 Repair Instrument or platform is under repair. 2016-06-23
W030008 RepairEnd Instrument or platform is returned to service following correction of a malfunction. 2016-06-23
W030007 RepairStart Instrument or platform is taken out of service for correction of a malfunction. 2016-06-23
W030014 Upgrade Instrument or platform is raised to a higher standard by specific improvements such as adding or replacing components. 2016-06-23