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SeaDataNet Sensor Web Enablement and SensorML sub-type vocabulary

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DescriptionVocabulary in support of SeaDataNet's (SDN) implementation of OGC Sensor Web Enablement (SWE). This is the lower level SDN SEW specific vocabulary.
Version Info0
Identifier W02
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner SeaDataNet
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
006 Geophysical surveying A kind of Sensor application. 2014-12-19
005 Sensor system A kind of system type. 2014-12-19
001 sampling rate Number of tracks per second. 2014-12-19
002 x The axis x. 2014-12-19
003 y The axis y. 2014-12-19
004 z The axis z. 2014-12-19