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SeaDataNet GMX and imported ISO Code List collections

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
G01 CI DateTypeCode Identification of when a given event occurred 2012-07-27
G02 CI OnLineFunctionCode DEPRECATED Function performed by the resource 2020-02-04
L07 CI OnLineFunctionCode Function performed by the resource 2020-02-04
G03 CI PresentationFormCode Mode in which the data are represented 2012-07-27
G04 CI RoleCode Function performed by the responsible party 2012-07-27
G05 DQ EvaluationMethodTypeCode Type or method for evaluating an identified data quality measure 2012-07-27
G06 DS AssociationTypeCode Justification for the correlation of two datasets 2012-07-27
G07 DS InitiativeTypeCode Type of aggregation activity in which datasets are related 2012-07-27
G08 MD CellGeometryCode Code indicating whether grid data are points or area 2012-07-27
G09 MD CharacterSetCode Name of the character coding standard used in the resource 2012-07-27
G10 MD ClassificationCode Name of the handling restrictions on the dataset 2012-07-27
G11 MD CoverageContentTypeCode Specific type of information represented in the cell 2012-07-27
G12 MD DatatypeCode Datatype of element or entity 2012-07-27
G13 MD DimensionNameTypeCode Name of the dimension 2012-07-27
L02 MD GeometricObjectTypeCode Name of point or vector objects used to locate zero-, one-, two-, or three-dimensional spatial locations in the dataset 2012-07-27
G15 MD ImagingConditionCode Code which indicates conditions which may affect the image 2012-07-27
L19 MD KeywordTypeCode Methods used to group similar keywords 2012-07-27
G17 MD MaintenanceFrequencyCode Frequency with which modifications and deletions are made to the data after they are first produced 2012-07-27
G18 MD MediumFormatCode Method used to write to the medium 2012-07-27
G19 MD MediumNameCode Name of the medium 2012-07-27
G20 MD ObligationCode Obligation of the element or entity 2012-07-27
G21 MD PixelOrientationCode Point in a pixel corresponding to the Earth location of the pixel 2012-07-27
G22 MD ProgressCode Status of the dataset or progress of a review 2012-07-27
G23 MD RestrictionCode Limitation(s) placed upon the access or use of the data 2012-07-27
G25 MD ScopeCode Class of information to which the referencing entity applies 2012-07-27
G26 MD SpatialRepresentationTypeCode Method used to represent geographic information in the dataset 2012-07-27
P05 MD TopicCategoryCode High-level geographic data thematic classification to assist in the grouping and search of available geographic data sets. Can be used to group keywords as well. Listed examples are not exhaustive. 2012-07-27
G28 MD TopologyLevelCode Degree of complexity of the spatial relationships 2012-07-27
G29 MX ScopeCode Extension of MD_ ScopeCode for the needs of GMX application schemas and in the context of a transfer 2012-07-27