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SeaDataNet CDI/CSR ISO Code List collections

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
L10 SDN CRSCode 2012-06-27
L18 SDN CSRUnitCode 2013-07-05
C32 SDN CountryCode 2012-06-27
L07 SDN DataAccessMechanismCode 2013-07-05
L08 SDN DataAccessRestrictionPolicieCode 2013-07-05
C77 SDN DataCategoryCode 2013-07-03
P06 SDN DataStorageUnitCode 2013-07-05
L11 SDN DepthMeasurementReferencePlaneCode 2013-07-05
L05 SDN DeviceCategoryCode 2012-06-27
L24 SDN FormatNameCode 2012-06-27
L23 SDN HierarchyLevelNameCode 2012-06-27
C37 SDN MarsdenCode 2013-07-03
P02 SDN ParameterDiscoveryCode 2012-06-27
L06 SDN PlatformCategoryCode 2012-06-27
C17 SDN PlatformCode 2013-07-03
C38 SDN PortCode 2013-07-03
L22 SDN SeaVoxDeviceCatalogueCode 2021-07-19
C19 SDN WaterBodyCode 2013-07-03