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SeaDataNet CDI/CSR ISO Code List collections

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DescriptionConcept collections used within ISO Code List representations for ISO19139 encoding of SeaDataNet CDIs and CSRs
Version Info5
Identifier V22
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner SeaDataNet
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
L10 SDN_CRSCode 2012-06-27
L18 SDN_CSRUnitCode 2013-07-05
C32 SDN_CountryCode 2012-06-27
L07 SDN_DataAccessMechanismCode 2013-07-05
L08 SDN_DataAccessRestrictionPolicieCode 2013-07-05
C77 SDN_DataCategoryCode 2013-07-03
P06 SDN_DataStorageUnitCode 2013-07-05
L11 SDN_DepthMeasurementReferencePlaneCode 2013-07-05
L05 SDN_DeviceCategoryCode 2012-06-27
L24 SDN_FormatNameCode 2012-06-27
L23 SDN_HierarchyLevelNameCode 2012-06-27
C37 SDN_MarsdenCode 2013-07-03
P02 SDN_ParameterDiscoveryCode 2012-06-27
L06 SDN_PlatformCategoryCode 2012-06-27
C17 SDN_PlatformCode 2013-07-03
C38 SDN_PortCode 2013-07-03
L22 SDN_SeaVoxDeviceCatalogueCode 2021-07-19
C19 SDN_WaterBodyCode 2013-07-03