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SeaDataNet Vocabularies

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
C34 Activity purpose categories 2012-02-14
A05 AtlantOS Essential Variables 2022-03-23
P01 BODC Parameter Usage Vocabulary 2012-02-14
P06 BODC data storage units 2012-02-14
S04 BODC parameter semantic model analytical method entity descriptions 2017-07-27
S11 BODC parameter semantic model biological entity development stage terms 2013-11-28
S25 BODC parameter semantic model biological entity names 2012-02-14
S27 BODC parameter semantic model chemical substances 2015-08-20
S05 BODC parameter semantic model data processing entity descriptions 2017-07-27
S26 BODC parameter semantic model matrices 2014-06-05
S06 BODC parameter semantic model parameter entity names 2017-07-27
S07 BODC parameter semantic model parameter statistic 2017-07-27
S02 BODC parameter semantic model relationships between what theme and where theme 2017-07-27
S03 BODC parameter semantic model sample preparation entity descriptions 2017-07-27
S21 BODC parameter semantic model sphere names 2017-07-27
S23 BODC semantic model sphere phase names 2017-07-27
P07 Climate and Forecast Standard Names 2012-02-14
D01 DCAT Themes for Linked Data Representation of the SeaDataNet EDMED Catalogue 2017-11-08
L26 EDIOS permitted sampling interval units 2012-02-14
P36 EMODNET Chemistry Lot chemical themes 2014-07-02
P35 EMODNET chemistry lot aggregated parameter names 2013-10-08
HA2 EMODNet human activity categories 2017-01-31
BQ1 EMODnet Bathymetry Quality Indicators of horizontal accuracy (QI Horizontal) 2023-07-13
BQ3 EMODnet Bathymetry Quality Indicators of survey purpose (QI Purpose) 2023-07-13
BQ2 EMODnet Bathymetry Quality Indicators of vertical accuracy (QI Vertical) 2023-07-13
EF1 EMODnet Seabed Habitats Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) vocabulary 2023-09-05
H04 EMODnet micro-litter colour classes 2017-10-21
H05 EMODnet micro-litter polymer type 2017-10-21
H02 EMODnet micro-litter shapes 2017-10-21
H03 EMODnet micro-litter size classes 2017-10-21
H06 EMODnet micro-litter transparency classes 2021-04-25
H01 EMODnet micro-litter types 2017-10-21
C35 European Nature Information System Level 3 Habitats 2012-02-14
GSA Geo-Seas Seismic Data Product Types 2012-02-14
GS8 Geo-Seas Seismic Methods 2012-02-14
GSB Geo-Seas Seismic Receiver Types 2012-02-14
GS9 Geo-Seas Seismic Survey Dimensionality 2012-02-14
GS3 Geo-Seas adjusted Folk sediment lithology classes 2012-02-14
L31 Geo-Seas data object quality flags 2012-02-14
GS4 Geo-Seas geological sample colours 2012-02-14
GS6 Geo-Seas sediment grain-size kurtosos descriptors 2012-02-14
GS5 Geo-Seas sediment grain-size skewness descriptors 2012-02-14
P04 Global Change Master Directory Science Keywords 2012-02-14
P64 Global Change Master Directory Science Keywords V6 2014-01-09
M23 HELCOM 'HUB' Underwater Biotope and Habitat Classification System 2019-01-21
C17 ICES Platform Codes 2012-02-14
P22 INSPIRE themes 2012-02-14
P05 International Standards Organisation ISO19115 Topic Categories 2012-02-14
C32 International Standards Organisation countries 2012-02-14
M12 JNCC categories of human activity in the marine environment 2015-09-16
M13 JNCC standard list of human activities in the marine environment 2015-09-16
G17 MD MaintenanceFrequencyCode 2017-09-07
G26 MD SpatialRepresentationTypeCode 2019-12-24
L30 MEDATLAS Data Centres 2012-02-14
P09 MEDATLAS Parameter Usage Vocabulary 2012-02-14
M01 MEDIN data format categories 2013-10-31
M11 MEDIN ecosystem service types 2014-04-01
M09 MEDIN ecosystem valuation method types 2014-04-01
M10 MEDIN ecosystem valuation methods 2014-04-01
N01 MEDIN metadata record availability 2013-10-31
M06 MEDIN monitoring activity categories 2014-04-01
P23 MEDIN parameter discipline keywords 2015-03-10
M05 MEDIN socio-economic governance objective categories 2014-04-01
GSC MGD77 Bathymetry Sound Velocity Correction Codes 2012-02-14
C46 Marine Strategy Framework Directive criteria 2012-02-14
C45 Marine Strategy Framework Directive descriptors 2012-02-14
C47 Marine Strategy Framework Directive indicators 2012-02-14
L04 Matrix Categories 2016-04-07
C36 Monitoring activity legislative drivers 2012-02-14
C97 NERC Vocabulary Server mappings index 2012-02-14
M14 OSPAR list of defined pressures on the marine environment 2015-09-16
M15 OSPAR list of themes of defined pressures on the marine environment 2015-09-16
P17 Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean ships of interest 2012-02-14
M29 Ramsar Classification System for Wetland Type 2022-08-17
M28 Ramsar Classification System for Wetland Type upper categories 2022-08-17
C86 Role Definitions 2012-02-14
F02 SeaDataCloud Flow Cytometry Standardised Cluster Names 2017-11-08
L14 SeaDataNet Activity Operational Stati 2012-02-14
P03 SeaDataNet Agreed Parameter Groups 2012-02-14
C77 SeaDataNet Cruise Summary Report data categories 2012-02-14
L18 SeaDataNet Cruise Summary Report quantification units 2012-02-14
L08 SeaDataNet Data Access Restriction Policies 2012-02-14
L02 SeaDataNet Geospatial Feature Types 2012-02-14
L03 SeaDataNet Measurement Periodicity Categories 2012-02-14
P08 SeaDataNet Parameter Disciplines 2012-02-14
P02 SeaDataNet Parameter Discovery Vocabulary 2012-02-14
C38 SeaDataNet Ports Gazetteer 2012-02-14
W02 SeaDataNet Sensor Web Enablement and SensorML sub-type vocabulary 2017-03-07
W01 SeaDataNet Sensor Web Enablement and SensorML type vocabulary 2017-03-07
V12 SeaDataNet Vocabularies 2012-02-14
L07 SeaDataNet data access mechanisms 2012-02-14
L24 SeaDataNet data transport formats 2012-02-14
L05 SeaDataNet device categories 2012-02-14
L21 SeaDataNet device category types 2012-02-14
L10 SeaDataNet geographic co-ordinate reference frames 2012-02-14
L11 SeaDataNet geographic co-ordinate reference frames 2012-02-14
L19 SeaDataNet keyword types 2012-02-14
L20 SeaDataNet measurand qualifier flags 2012-02-14
L23 SeaDataNet metadata entities 2012-02-14
L12 SeaDataNet parameter quality control procedures 2012-02-14
L15 SeaDataNet quality management system accreditations 2012-02-14
C16 SeaDataNet sea areas 2012-02-14
L22 SeaVoX Device Catalogue 2012-02-14
L06 SeaVoX Platform Categories 2012-02-14
EL1 SeaVoX Sampling and Observation Platform Event Actions 2022-11-27
EL2 SeaVoX Sampling and Observation Platform Event Processes 2022-11-27
L13 SeaVoX Vertical Co-ordinate Coverages 2012-02-14
C19 SeaVoX salt and fresh water body gazetteer 2012-02-14
W09 Sensor Web Enablement Observations and Measurements Section Terms 2017-07-27
W04 SensorML Capability Section Terms 2017-03-07
W05 SensorML Characteristic Section Terms 2017-03-07
W06 SensorML Classification Section Terms 2017-03-07
W08 SensorML Contact Section Terms 2017-03-07
W11 SensorML Event Classification Terms 2020-07-23
W03 SensorML History Event Types 2017-03-07
W07 SensorML Identification Section Terms 2017-03-07
W10 SensorML Output Section Data Interface Terms 2017-07-27
C37 Ten-degree Marsden Squares Labels applied to areas of ten degrees latitude by ten degrees longitude in the Marsden Square system. 2012-05-17
M03 The Crown Estate Renewable Energy Development Areas 2014-04-15
M04 The Crown Estate Renewable Energy Development Phases 2014-04-15
C64 United Kingdom Charting Progress 2 sea regions 2013-10-31
P24 Units of measure dimensions 2023-07-03
L33 WMO C3 vocabulary of XBT data types 2014-06-24
C39 World Meteorological Organisation sea states 2017-11-07