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BODC parameter semantic model biological entity sex category terms

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DescriptionControlled vocabulary defining terms used to refer to a biological entity sex category (part of the what theme) in the BODC parameter semantic model.
CreatorBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
Version Info2
Identifier S10
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner British Oceanographic Data Centre
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Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
S102 female The sample (which may be a single specimen) comprises specimens identified as female. 2013-11-12
S106 female+indeterminate Females have been grouped together with specimens whose gender cannot be reliably determined. 2006-02-17
S107 hermaphrodite Specimens identified as having both male and female reproductive organs 2011-08-26
S105 indeterminate The taxonomist was unable to reliably determine the gender of the specimens. 2006-02-17
S103 male The sample (which may be a single specimen) comprises specimens identified as male. 2013-11-12
S108 male+female The sample comprises a mixture of identified male and female specimens. 2013-11-12
S104 not specified The gender of the specimens has not been provided by the taxonomist. 2006-02-17