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Argo delayed-mode quality control measurement flags

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DescriptionQuality flag scale for delayed mode measurements.
CreatorArgo Data Management Team
Version Info0
Identifier RD2
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner Argo Data Management Team
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Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
4 Bad value Bad data. Not adjustable. 2020-04-04
8 Estimated value Estimated value (interpolated, extrapolated or other estimation). 2020-04-04
1 Good value The adjusted value is statistically consistent, and a statistical error estimate is supplied. 2020-04-04
9 Missing value Missing value. 2020-04-04
0 No QC No delayed-mode quality-control (QC) was performed. 2020-04-04
3 Probably bad value An adjustment has been applied, but the value may still be bad. 2020-04-04
2 Probably good value Probably good data. 2020-04-04
5 Value changed Value changed. 2020-04-04