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Argo STATUS flags

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DescriptionFlag scale for values in all _STATUS fields
CreatorArgo Data Management Team
Version Info1
Identifier R19
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner Argo Data Management Team
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Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
1 Estimated value from information not transmitted by the float and/or reliant on typical float behaviour Value is estimated using information not transmitted by the float or by procedures that rely on typical float behaviour 2020-05-03
0 Estimated value from pre-deployment metadata information Value is estimated from pre-deployment information found in the metadata 2020-05-03
3 Value computed directly from transmitted float information Value is directly computed from relevant, transmitted float information 2020-05-03
4 Value determined by satellite Value is determined by satellite 2020-05-03
9 Value not yet known Value is not immediately known, but believe it can be estimated later 2020-05-03
2 Value transmitted by the float Value is transmitted by the float 2020-05-03