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Argo positioning system

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
ARGOS Argos positioning system Argos positioning system 2020-04-07
BEIDOU Beidou navigation satellite system Beidou navigation satellite system 2020-04-07
GLONASS GLONASS navigation satellite system GLONASS navigation satellite system 2020-04-07
GPS GPS positioning system GPS positioning system 2020-04-07
GALILEO Galileo navigation satellite system Galileo navigation satellite system 2020-04-07
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System Global Navigation Satellite System 2020-04-07
IRIDIUM Iridium positioning system Iridium positioning system 2020-04-07
NONE More than one system used or none available For profile file only: if an estimated position is based on two or more positioning systems, or if the estimation does not rely on information from positioning systems. 2020-04-07
RAFOS RAFOS positioning system RAFOS positioning system 2020-04-07