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Argo history action codes

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DescriptionCoded history information for each action performed on each profile by a data centre.
CreatorArgo Data Management Team
Version Info1
Identifier R07
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner Argo Data Management Team
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Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
IP History group for complete input record This history group operates on the complete input record. 2020-04-07
NG No good trace No good trace. 2020-04-07
ED Parameter value edit A parameter value was edited. 2020-04-07
PE Position error Profile position has been erroneously encoded, and has been corrected where possible. 2020-04-07
QC Quality control Quality control performed. 2020-04-07
CF Quality flag change A quality flag was changed. 2020-04-07
CR Record creation A new record was created. 2020-04-07
DC Station check with duplicate checking software The station was checked using duplicate checking software. 2020-04-07
UP Station passed through the update program The station passed through the update program. 2020-04-07
QCF Tests failed Tests failed. 2020-04-07
QCP Tests performed Tests performed. 2020-04-07
TE Time error Profile date and/or time have been erroneously encoded, and have been corrected where possible. 2020-04-07
CV Value change A value was changed. 2020-04-07
SV Value set Set a value. 2020-04-07