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EMODnet Chemistry chemical groups

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DescriptionTerms based on the EU MSFD used by the EMODNET chemistry lot to provide coarse granularity groupings of the chemical parameters it covers.
CreatorEMODNet Chemistry Lot
Version Info5
Identifier P36
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner EMODNet Chemistry Lot
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Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
ACIDIT Acidity The parameters that quantify the carbonate system in seawater (pH, alkalinity, TCO2 and pCO2). 2014-07-02
ANTIFL Antifoulants Concentrations of synthetic organic compounds used in coatings of ships below the waterline or marine structures to prevent colonisation by marine organisms. 2014-07-02
CHPHYL Chlorophyll Measurements of the phytoplankton biomass proxy pigment, usually accompanied by its degradation products (phaeopigments). 2014-07-02
DISGAS Dissolved gases Concentrations of dissolved gases with oxygen and carbon dioxide of primary interest. 2014-07-02
FERTIL Fertilisers Concentrations of biologically available substances derived from the use of artificial fertilisers in agriculture (primarily nitrogen and phosphorus). 2014-07-02
HVYMTL Heavy metals Concentrations of metals or metalloids that cause environmental concern. 2014-07-02
HCARBS Hydrocarbons Concentrations of organic compounds comprising carbon and hydrogen. 2014-07-02
MRNLTTR Marine litter Measurements of any persistent, manufactured or processed solid material discarded, disposed of or abandoned in the marine and coastal environment. These are quantified by collection on beaches, in fishermen's nets, or in specific surveys and include macro objects (nets, bottles etc.) as well as fragments and micro particles in water column, sediment and beaches. 2016-06-20
NUTLOAD Nutrient loads Load of nitrogen and phosphorus to regional seas by major rivers. 2016-06-20
ORGMAT Organic matter Concentrations of chemical species (primarily forms of carbon and nitrogen) resulting from sewage outfalls and aquaculture. 2014-07-02
PESTBI Pesticides and biocides Concentrations of synthetic organic compounds designed to kill plants (including algae) or insects deemed physically or economically harmful to man. 2014-10-01
PHARMS Pharmaceuticals Concentrations of compounds manufactured as medicinal drugs. 2014-07-02
PLASTIC Plastics The quantity of litter and debris made up of polymerised organic compounds. 2014-07-02
PCBSXX Polychlorinated biphenyls Concentrations of synthetic organic compounds with one or more chlorine atoms attached to a double benzene ring. These are highly toxic persistent organic pollutants. 2017-08-31
RADNUC Radionuclides Activities of dissolved and particulate radioctive substances of anthropogenic origin. 2014-07-02
SLCATE Silicates Concentrations of dissolved inorganic silicon usually as hydrosilicic acid (oftem called silicate) and biogenic silica. 2014-07-02