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Climate and Forecast Standardized Region Names

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DescriptionTerms used to label regions of the Earth's Surface or their representation in a numerical simulation in the CF metadata conventions for data stored in NetCDF.
CreatorClimate and Forecast Standard Names Committee
Version Info4
Identifier P30
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner Climate and Forecast Standard Names Committee
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
africa africa 2013-01-08
antarctica antarctica 2013-01-08
arabian_sea arabian_sea 2013-01-08
aral_sea aral_sea 2013-01-08
arctic_ocean arctic_ocean 2013-01-08
asia asia 2013-01-08
CFSRLAAO atlantic_artic_ocean The atlantic_arctic_ocean region comprises the entire geographic region covered by both the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. 2018-12-17
atlantic_ocean atlantic_ocean 2013-01-08
australia australia 2013-01-08
baltic_sea baltic_sea 2013-01-08
cfbarope barents_opening 2013-07-11
barents_sea barents_sea 2013-01-08
beaufort_sea beaufort_sea 2013-01-08
bellingshausen_sea bellingshausen_sea 2013-01-08
bering_sea bering_sea 2013-01-08
cfberstr bering_strait 2013-07-11
black_sea black_sea 2013-01-08
cfcanarc canadian_archipelago 2013-07-11
caribbean_sea caribbean_sea 2013-01-08
caspian_sea caspian_sea 2013-01-08
central_america central_america 2013-01-08
chukchi_sea chukchi_sea 2013-01-08
cfcounst contiguous_united_states 2013-07-11
cfdaviss davis_strait 2018-07-10
cfdenstr denmark_strait 2013-07-11
cfdrapas drake_passage 2013-07-11
east_china_sea east_china_sea 2013-01-08
cfengcha english_channel 2013-07-11
eurasia eurasia 2013-01-08
europe europe 2013-01-08
cffascch faroe_scotland_channel 2013-07-11
cfflbast florida_bahamas_strait 2013-07-11
cffrastr fram_strait 2013-07-11
cfgibral gibraltar_strait 2018-07-10
global global 2013-01-08
global_land global_land 2013-01-08
global_ocean global_ocean 2013-01-08
great_lakes great_lakes 2013-01-08
greenland greenland 2013-01-08
gulf_of_alaska gulf_of_alaska 2013-01-08
gulf_of_mexico gulf_of_mexico 2013-01-08
hudson_bay hudson_bay 2013-01-08
cficfach iceland_faroe_channel 2013-07-11
indian_ocean indian_ocean 2013-01-08
CFSRLIPO indian_pacific_ocean The indian_pacific_ocean region comprises the entire geographic region covered by both the Indian and Pacific oceans. This is distinct from the indo_pacific_ocean region. 2018-12-17
indo_pacific_ocean indo_pacific_ocean A biogeographic region of sea, comprising the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, the tropical western and central Pacific Ocean, and the seas connecting the two around Indonesia. The indo_pacific_ocean region does not include the temperate and polar regions of the Indian and Pacific oceans, nor the tropical eastern Pacific. This is distinct from the indian_pacific_ocean region. 2018-12-17
cfindthr indonesian_throughflow 2013-07-11
irish_sea irish_sea 2013-01-08
lake_baykal lake_baykal 2013-01-08
lake_chad lake_chad 2013-01-08
lake_malawi lake_malawi 2013-01-08
lake_tanganyika lake_tanganyika 2013-01-08
lake_victoria lake_victoria 2013-01-08
mediterranean_sea mediterranean_sea 2013-01-08
cfmozcha mozambique_channel 2013-07-11
north_america north_america 2013-01-08
north_sea north_sea 2013-01-08
norwegian_sea norwegian_sea 2013-01-08
cfpaequn pacific_equatorial_undercurrent 2013-07-11
pacific_ocean pacific_ocean 2013-01-08
persian_gulf persian_gulf 2013-01-08
red_sea red_sea 2013-01-08
ross_sea ross_sea 2013-01-08
sea_of_japan sea_of_japan 2013-01-08
sea_of_okhotsk sea_of_okhotsk 2013-01-08
south_america south_america 2013-01-08
south_china_sea south_china_sea 2013-01-08
southern_ocean southern_ocean 2013-01-08
cftalust taiwan_luzon_straits 2013-07-11
weddell_sea weddell_sea 2013-01-08
cfwinpas windward_passage 2013-07-11
yellow_sea yellow_sea 2013-01-08