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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
MD011 Administration, boundaries, dimensions and entity referencing Parameters related to spatial and temporal coordinates (e.g. protected sites, administrative divisions), entity referencing (e.g. gazetteer) and access control 2012-04-23
MD008 Anthropogenic Properties Parameters describing the abundance, nature and impact of material or energy added to the environment by the activities of man (e.g. contaminants, dredge material dumping, litter, noise) 2009-09-28
MD007 Bathymetry and Seafloor topography The topic which collates information on the depth and topography of the sea floor that may be used for navigation or understanding scientific processes (e.g. water depth, seafloor topography, bathymetry). 2009-09-28
MD009 Cryosphere Physical or chemical properties of snow and ice on the earths surface, (e.g. sea ice, snow cover, glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets). 2009-09-28
MD012 Cultural, Heritage and Marine Archaeology Data on seabed and subsurface cultural and heritage objects (e.g. historically relevant ships, jetties, objects). Includes historic landscape information. 2009-09-28
MD004 Fisheries and Aquaculture The topic concerned with aquatic life taken from the wild or farmed for human consumption and the facilities required to harvest those aquatic life. (e.g. cod fisheries, salmon farming, cockle picking) 2009-09-28
MD002 Marine Biodiversity The extent and composition of species and habitats and the ecological processes that support them. (e.g. productivity, phytoplankton abundance, alien species, biological reef extent) 2009-09-28
MD006 Marine Chemistry Chemical features of the seas (eg, nutrients, carbon, dissolved gases, metals, organic compounds) 2009-09-28
MD001 Marine Geology Composition and structure of geological features on or below the seabed or associated with the coast (e.g. sediment, magnetics, gravity, geomorphology) 2009-09-28
MD003 Meteorology and Atmospheric Conditions Physical, chemical and weather characteristics of the atmosphere (e.g. wind speed, evaporation, humidity, pCO2). 2012-06-08
MD005 Physical Oceanography Physical features of the seas (eg, tides, waves, salinity, temperature, suspended particulate material, optical measurements) 2009-09-28
MD010 Socio-economic and Infrastructure The use and location of buildings, ships, monitoring platforms or other structures that are manmade (e.g. platforms, wind farms, cables, transportation, coastal defense structures, barrages, piers). Information may be economic based. 2009-09-28