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DescriptionTopic level terms from the Science Keywords from Olsen L.M. et. al (2006) NASA/GCMD Earth Science Keywords Version 5.3.3.
CreatorGlobal Change Master Directory
Version Info4
Identifier P12
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner Global Change Master Directory
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
GTOP0001 Agriculture 2004-09-27
GTOP0002 Atmosphere 2004-09-27
GTOP0003 Biosphere 2004-09-27
GTOP0004 Climate Indicators 2004-09-27
GTOP0005 Cryosphere 2004-09-27
GTOP0006 Human Dimensions 2004-09-27
GTOP0007 Hydrosphere 2004-09-27
GTOP0008 Land Surface 2004-09-27
GTOP0009 Oceans 2004-09-27
GTOP0010 Paleoclimate 2004-09-27
GTOP0011 Solid Earth 2004-09-27
GTOP0012 Spectral/Engineering 2004-09-27
GTOP0013 Sun-earth Interactions 2004-09-27