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SeaDataNet Parameter Disciplines

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
DS07 Administration and dimensions Parameters related to spatial and temporal co-ordinates, entity referencing (eg record numbering and keys) and access control 2005-03-10
DS05 Atmosphere The atmospheric sciences domain 2005-03-10
DS01 Biological oceanography The biological oceanographic science domain 2005-03-10
DS02 Chemical oceanography The chemical oceanographic science domain 2005-03-10
DS06 Cross-discipline No specific association with an identified domain 2005-03-10
DS09 Cryosphere The cryosphere science domain, including ice on both land and sea 2006-08-09
DS10 Environment The domain documenting the habitat (physical, biological or chemical conditions) surrounding an organism or a group of organisms, or factors affecting any part of the earth ecosystem past and present. 2016-11-07
DS11 Fisheries and aquaculture DEPRECATED The science domain concerned with aquatic life taken from the wild or farmed for human consumption 2017-02-02
DS12 Human activities The domain documenting the activities of man that have an effect on the Earth System. 2016-11-07
DS04 Marine geology The marine geological science domain 2005-03-10
DS03 Physical oceanography The physical oceanographic science domain 2005-03-10
DS08 Terrestrial The terrestrial science domain 2006-08-09