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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
002 biota Flora and/or fauna in the natural environment. Examples: wildlife; vegetation; biological sciences; ecology; wilderness; sealife; wetlands; habitat. 2005-04-27
003 boundaries Legal land descriptions. Examples: political and administrative boundaries. 2005-04-27
004 climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere Processes and phenomena of the atmosphere. Examples: cloud cover; weather; climate; atmospheric conditions; climate change; precipitation. 2005-04-27
005 economy Economic activities, conditions and employment. Examples: production; labour; revenue; commerce; industry; tourism and ecotourism; forestry; fisheries; commercial or subsistence hunting; exploration and exploitation of resources such as minerals, oil and gas. 2005-04-27
006 elevation Height above or below sea level. Examples: altitude; bathymetry; digital elevation models; slope; derived products. 2005-04-27
007 environment Environmental resources, protection and conservation. Examples: environmental pollution; waste storage and treatment; environmental impact assessment; monitoring environmental risk; nature reserves; landscape. 2005-04-27
001 farming Rearing of animals and/or cultivation of plants. Examples: agriculture; irrigation; aquaculture; plantations; herding; pests and diseases affecting crops and livestock. 2005-04-27
008 geoscientificInformation Information pertaining to Earth Sciences. Examples: geophysical features and processes; geology; minerals; sciences dealing with the composition, structure and origin of the earth's rocks; risks of earthquakes; volcanic activity; landslides; gravity information; soils; permafrost; hydrogeology; erosion. 2005-04-27
009 health Health, health services, human ecology, and safety. Examples: disease and illness; factors affecting health; hygiene; substance abuse; mental and physical health; health services. 2005-04-27
010 imageryBaseMapsEarthCover Base maps. Examples: land cover; topographic maps; imagery; unclassified images; annotations. 2005-04-27
012 inlandWaters Inland water features, drainage systems and their characteristics. Examples: rivers and glaciers; salt lakes; water utilization plans; dams; currents; floods; water quality; hydrographic charts. 2005-04-27
011 intelligenceMilitary Military bases, structures, activities. Examples: barracks; training grounds; military transportation; information collection. 2005-04-27
013 location Positional information and services. Examples: addresses; geodetic networks; control points; postal zones and services; place names. 2005-04-27
014 oceans Features and characteristics of salt water bodies (excluding inland waters). Examples: tides; tidal waves; coastal information; reefs. 2005-04-27
015 planningCadastre Information used for appropriate actions for future use of the land. Examples: land use maps; zoning maps; cadastral surveys; land ownership. 2005-04-27
016 society Characteristics of society and cultures. Examples: settlements; anthropology; archaeology; education; traditional beliefs; manners and customs; demographic data; recreational areas and activities; social impact assessments; crime and justice; census information. 2005-04-27
017 structure Man-made construction. Examples: buildings; museums; churches; factories; housing; monuments; shops; towers. 2005-04-27
018 transportation Means and aids for conveying persons and/or goods. Examples: roads; airports/airstrips; shipping routes; tunnels; nautical charts; vehicle or vessel location; aeronautical charts; railways. 2005-04-27
019 utilitiesCommunication Energy, water and waste systems and communications infrastructure and services. Examples: hydroelectricity; geothermal, solar and nuclear sources of energy; water purification and distribution; sewage collection and disposal; electricity and gas distribution; data communication; telecommunication; radio; communication networks. 2005-04-27