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ODATIS aggregation parameters and Essential Variable names

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
AERO Aerosols Suspension of particles of condensed matter (liquid, solid, or mixed) in a carrier gas (usually air). Aerosols are important in the atmosphere as nuclei for the condensation of water droplets and ice crystals, as participants in various chemical cycles, and as absorbers and scatterers of solar radiation, thereby influencing the radiation budget of the earth-atmosphere system, which in turn influences the climate on the surface of the Earth. 2023-09-28
AIRTEMP Air temperature Variables associated with the determination of the air temperature near the Earth's surface. 2023-10-10
AIRPRES Atmospheric pressure Variables associated with the determination of the atmospheric pressure near the Earth's surface. 2023-10-10
BATHY Bathymetry Science and technology of measuring or estimating depth. Its aim is to determine the relief of the deep or coastal ocean. 2023-09-28
BENTHA Benthic habitats Marine benthic habitats are the bed of seas directly connected to the oceans, i.e. part of the continuous body of water which covers the greater part of the earth. 2023-09-28
BIOINFO Bioinformatics Interdisciplinary field of science that develops methods and software tools for understanding biological data, especially when the data sets are large and complex. 2023-09-28
BIOTOX Biotoxins Toxins are contaminants secreted by certain algae or phytoplankton; they are called phycotoxins or marine biotoxins. 2023-10-10
C02 CO2 Carbonate system The chemistry of carbon dioxide (DIC, TA, pCO2 and pH) in seawater where pH is expressed against Total, Seawater or Free scales. Includes water column and atmospheric measurements. 2023-09-28
CONT Contaminants Pollutants coming from human activities on land and in the sea, including antifoulants (Organometallic spicies concentration); Hydrocarbons (Concentration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons); Polychlorinated biphenyls (Concentration of polychlorobiphenyls); Pesticides and biocides (Pesticide concentrations); Heavy metals (Metal concentrations, Inorganic chemical composition). 2023-09-28
CURR Currents Variables associated with the determination of the speed and direction of surface and subsuface seawater currents. 2023-10-10
DENS Density The mass per unit volume of a substance. 2024-06-06
DOM Dissolved Organic Matter The amount of dissolved organic matter (DOC, DON and CDOM) in seawater using water column measurements. 2023-09-28
DOXY Dissolved oxygen Variables associated with the determination of the amount of oxygen dissolved in seawater using water column measurements. 2023-10-10
FISH Fish This group incorporates all state variables pertaining to fish, such as abundance, biomass and fisheries data. 2024-06-06
FLUO Fluorescence The emission of radiation, especially of visible light, by a substance during exposure to external radiation, as light or x-rays. 2024-06-06
GEOL Geology The marine geological science domain. 2024-06-06
HCORAL Hard coral Cover and composition of hard coral. 2024-06-06
HUMACT Human activities The domain documenting the activities of man that have an effect on the Earth System. 2024-06-06
HUMI Humidity The amount of water vapour (relative humidity, dew point temperature) in the atmosphere. 2023-10-16
INVER Invertebrates An animal lacking a vertebral column. 2023-09-28
MACALG Macroalgal Parameters pertaining to macroalgal. 2024-06-06
MANG Mangrove Cover and composition of mangrove. 2024-06-06
MTBM Marine turtles, birds, mammals This group incorporates all variables pertaining to marine turtles, birds,and mammals, including abundance, biomass, biological function and state of health. 2024-06-06
N2O Nitrous oxide Variables associated with the determination of the amount of nitrous oxide in seawater using water column and atmospheric measurements. 2023-10-10
NUTS Nutrients Variables associated with the determination of the amount of dissolved inorganic macronutrients (nitrate (NO3), phosphate (PO4), silicic acid (Si(OH)4), ammonium (NH4), nitrite (NO2)) in seawater using water column measurements. 2023-10-10
ACOUST Ocean Acoustics Scientific field of study pertaining to sound emission and propagation in the marine environment. This topic includes the measurement of sound characteristics and the information they provide in the fields of telluric and hydroclimatic risk, biodiversity inventory and evolution, and anthropic impact. 2023-09-28
COLOUR Ocean colour Spectral radiance emanating from the sun that is backscattered off the upper part of the oceanic water column, and which contains information on the properties of the water and its constituents. 2023-09-28
HEATCON Ocean heat content Study of the ocean content change from which the Earth Energy Imbalance can be inferred. Variables include the terms in the sea level budget equation. Different types of calculation based on absolute budgets or trends. 2023-09-28
PATHOGEN Pathogenic organisms Infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, parasites) considered as harmful, that could interact with the evolution of farming performances or cause enzootic disease. 2023-09-28
PHYTO Phytoplankton Photosynthesizing microscopic protists and bacteria that inhabit the upper sunlit layer of marine and fresh water bodies. 2023-09-28
PIGM Pigments Amount of photosynthetic pigments (chlorophyll, carotenoids, ...) in seawater using water column measurements. 2023-10-03
PRESS Pressure Depth below surface of the water body. 2023-10-10
RADFLX Radiative flux Variables associated with the determination of fluxes of radiation (downwelling and upwelling irradiance) in the atmosphere to and from the sea surface. 2023-10-10
RAIN Rain Variables associated with the determination of the amount of liquid and solid precipitations on the Earth's surface 2023-10-10
SAL Salinity Variables associated with the determination of seawater salinity. 2023-10-10
SEAICE Sea ice Variables associated with the determination of the amount and characterisation of sea ice. 2023-10-10
SEALVL Sea surface height The displacement of the water column surface from a fixed, stable reference, expressed as metres or pressure. 2023-10-10
SEATEMP Sea temperature Variables associated with the determination of seawater temperature. 2023-10-10
SGRAS Seagrass Parameters pertaining to seagrass. 2024-06-06
SEDFLUX Sedimentary fluxes Settling flux of particles (inorganic species, biological detritus, pigments, carbon, ...) in the water column. 2023-10-03
SEISM Seismic Parameters associated with determination of sub-floor structure based on the propogation of acoustic energy and acoustic imaging of the sea floor. 2024-06-06
SHORE Shoreline The distance over which the coast has moved due to a combination of factors; i.e., sea level rise, erosion, or sedimentation. 2023-09-28
SUSPMA Suspended matter Amount of particulate organic matter (turbidity) in seawater using water column measurements. 2023-09-28
TIDES Tides Multi-period movement of sea level, the main part of which is the astronomical tide, due to the gravitational attraction of the sun and moon on the rotating earth. 2023-10-22
TRACELE Trace elements and their isotopes An element whose dissolved concentration is between 50 and 0.05 micromoles per kilogram. Most are metals and can be referred to as trace metals. Specific names of trace elements may be entered as Detailed Variables 2023-09-28
TRANST Transient tracers Transient tracers are man-made chemical compounds released to the atmosphere at known quantities that can be used in the ocean to quantify ventilation, transit time distribution and transport time-scales. Measurement of transient tracers in the subsurface ocean thus provides information on the time-scales since the ocean was ventilated, i.e. in contact with the atmosphere. A combination of these tracers provide the means to constrain the transit time distribution (TTD) of a water-mass that allows inference of concentrations or fates of other transient compounds, such as anthropogenic carbon or nitrous oxide 2023-09-28
TURBID Turbidity Measurement of the degree of scattering of light in water, related to the amount of suspended material in the water. 2023-09-28
WAVES Waves Variables associated with the determination of surface waves on water bodies. 2023-10-10
WIND Wind Variables associated with the determination of the wind speed and direction near the Earth's surface. 2023-10-10
ZOO Zooplankton Zooplankton is the animal portion of the plankton; the animal community in marine and freshwater situations that floats free in the water, independent of the shore and the bottom, incapable of overcoming the speed of the surrounding currents and therefore moving with them. 2023-09-28