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NERC Environmental Data Centres DataCite General Resource Types

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DescriptionControlled list of terms used by the NERC Environmnetal Data Centres for submission of DOI metadata records to DataCite. The list is used to populate from the EDC's GEMINI profiles.
CreatorNatural Environment Research Council
Version Info1
Identifier N06
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner Natural Environment Research Council
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
N0600001 Audiovisual A series of visual representations imparting an impression of motion when shown in succession. May or may not include sound. 2021-05-25
N0600002 Collection An aggregation of resources, which may encompass collections of one resourceType as well as those of mixed types. A collection is described as a group; its parts may also be separately described. 2021-05-25
N0600003 DataPaper A factual and objective publication with a focused intent to identify and describe specific data, sets of data, or data collections to facilitate discoverability. 2021-05-25
N0600004 DataSet Data encoded in a defined structure. 2021-05-25
N0600005 Event A non-persistent, time- based occurrence. 2021-05-25
N0600006 Image A non-persistent, time- based occurrence. 2021-05-25
N0600007 InteractiveResource A resource requiring interaction from the user to be understood, executed, or experienced. 2021-05-25
N0600008 Model An abstract, conceptual, graphical, mathematical or visualization model that represents empirical objects, phenomena, or physical processes. 2021-05-25
N0600015 Other If selected, supply a value for ResourceType. 2021-05-25
N0600009 PhysicalObject An inanimate, three- dimensional object or substance. 2021-05-25
N0600010 Service An organized system of apparatus, appliances, staff, etc., for supplying some function(s) required by end users. 2021-05-25
N0600011 Software A computer program in source code (text) or compiled form. Use this type for all software components supporting scholarly research. 2021-05-25
N0600012 Sound A resource primarily intended to be heard. 2021-05-25
N0600013 Text A resource consisting primarily of words for reading. 2021-05-25
N0600014 Workflow A structured series of steps which can be executed to produce a final outcome, allowing users a means to specify and enact their work in a more reproducible manner. 2021-05-25