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NERC Environmental Data Centres DataCite General Resource Types

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
N0600001 Audiovisual A series of visual representations imparting an impression of motion when shown in succession. May or may not include sound. 2021-05-25
N0600002 Collection An aggregation of resources, which may encompass collections of one resourceType as well as those of mixed types. A collection is described as a group; its parts may also be separately described. 2021-05-25
N0600003 DataPaper A factual and objective publication with a focused intent to identify and describe specific data, sets of data, or data collections to facilitate discoverability. 2021-05-25
N0600004 DataSet Data encoded in a defined structure. 2021-05-25
N0600005 Event A non-persistent, time- based occurrence. 2021-05-25
N0600006 Image A non-persistent, time- based occurrence. 2021-05-25
N0600007 InteractiveResource A resource requiring interaction from the user to be understood, executed, or experienced. 2021-05-25
N0600008 Model An abstract, conceptual, graphical, mathematical or visualization model that represents empirical objects, phenomena, or physical processes. 2021-05-25
N0600015 Other If selected, supply a value for ResourceType. 2021-05-25
N0600009 PhysicalObject An inanimate, three- dimensional object or substance. 2021-05-25
N0600010 Service An organized system of apparatus, appliances, staff, etc., for supplying some function(s) required by end users. 2021-05-25
N0600011 Software A computer program in source code (text) or compiled form. Use this type for all software components supporting scholarly research. 2021-05-25
N0600012 Sound A resource primarily intended to be heard. 2021-05-25
N0600013 Text A resource consisting primarily of words for reading. 2021-05-25
N0600014 Workflow A structured series of steps which can be executed to produce a final outcome, allowing users a means to specify and enact their work in a more reproducible manner. 2021-05-25