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NERC DataGrid on-line reference types

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DescriptionTerms describing types of on-line references in NERC DataGrid service bindings
CreatorNatural Environment Research Council
Version Info3
Identifier N04
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner Natural Environment Research Council
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
7 NumSim description Pointer to a NumSim record via an appropriate service. 2007-08-17
4 curator home page Home page of data curator. 2007-05-16
3 data home page Pointer to a page which will allow downloading of data. 2007-05-16
2 data uniform resource locator Pointer direct to the dataset instantiation. 2007-05-16
5 extended metadata Pointer to the MOLES record for the object via the appropriate service. 2007-05-16
1 object home page Descriptive home page for the referenced object 2007-05-16
6 original metadata source Pointer to an original metadata record imported into MOLES. 2007-05-16