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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
4 Climate Data Markup Language The markup language used to represent metadata in the Climate Data Management System 2007-05-17
1 Climate Science Markup Language CSML is a standards-based data model and GML application schema for atmospheric and oceanographic data 2007-05-17
6 Directory Interchange Format Discovery format managed by the Global Change Master Directory 2007-05-17
7 ISO 19115/19139 compliant Expression of an ISO 19115 standard record in the standard XML instantiation 2007-05-17
8 ISO 19115/19139 compliant - Marine profile Expression of an ISO 19115 Marine profile record in the standard XML instantiation 2007-05-17
9 ISO 19115/19139 compliant - WMO profile Expression of an ISO 19115 WMO profile record in the standard XML instantiation 2017-08-10
11 MDIP compliant Format from the Marine Data and Information Partnership to aid cross-data centre searching. Based on the UK Gemini format 2007-05-17
2 Metadata Objects for Links in Environmental Science The NDG discovery-format-neutral metadata format 2007-05-17
3 NDG MOLES Stub-B First order resolution of references in a MOLES record 2007-05-17
12 NumSim model description NumSim documents consist of one or both of two elements: (1) An XML description of a model codebase including the model components, and (2) a description of the use of that codebase in an experiment (includes initial and boundary conditions, and ensemble membership, if any). 2007-08-02
10 OAI Dublin Core compliant Dublin Core record conforming to the Open Access Initiative schema for DC 2007-05-17
5 Uniform Resource Identifier The address of a resource on the Internet, including the access protocol 2007-05-17