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NERC DataGrid Recognised Formats

Alternate Profiles

Different views and formats:

Alternate Profiles ?Different Media Types (HTML, text, RDF, JSON etc.) and different information model views, profiles, are available for this resource.

DescriptionFormats recognised by NDG, where this may allow conditional treatment. See also
CreatorNatural Environment Research Council
Version Info3
Identifier N02
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner Natural Environment Research Council
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
4 Climate Data Markup Language The markup language used to represent metadata in the Climate Data Management System 2007-05-17
1 Climate Science Markup Language CSML is a standards-based data model and GML application schema for atmospheric and oceanographic data 2007-05-17
6 Directory Interchange Format Discovery format managed by the Global Change Master Directory 2007-05-17
7 ISO 19115/19139 compliant Expression of an ISO 19115 standard record in the standard XML instantiation 2007-05-17
8 ISO 19115/19139 compliant - Marine profile Expression of an ISO 19115 Marine profile record in the standard XML instantiation 2007-05-17
9 ISO 19115/19139 compliant - WMO profile Expression of an ISO 19115 WMO profile record in the standard XML instantiation 2017-08-10
11 MDIP compliant Format from the Marine Data and Information Partnership to aid cross-data centre searching. Based on the UK Gemini format 2007-05-17
2 Metadata Objects for Links in Environmental Science The NDG discovery-format-neutral metadata format 2007-05-17
3 NDG MOLES Stub-B First order resolution of references in a MOLES record 2007-05-17
12 NumSim model description NumSim documents consist of one or both of two elements: (1) An XML description of a model codebase including the model components, and (2) a description of the use of that codebase in an experiment (includes initial and boundary conditions, and ensemble membership, if any). 2007-08-02
10 OAI Dublin Core compliant Dublin Core record conforming to the Open Access Initiative schema for DC 2007-05-17
5 Uniform Resource Identifier The address of a resource on the Internet, including the access protocol 2007-05-17