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OSPAR list of themes of defined pressures on the marine environment

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DescriptionThemes under which defined pressures in M14 are categorised by the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment for the North-East Atlantic (OSPAR) International Correspondence Group on Cumulative Effects (ICG-C) and distributed by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)
CreatorMEDIN Standards Group
Version Info2
Identifier M15
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner MEDIN Standards Group
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
B Biological pressures Pressures on biota in the marine environment caused by human activities 2015-09-11
H Hydrological changes (inshore/local) Pressures exerted on the marine environment by human activites that lead to inshore and/or local hydrological changes 2015-09-11
O Other physical pressures Other physical pressures caused by human activity which lead to an impact on the marine environment 2015-09-11
D Physical damage (reversible change) Pressures caused by human activity which lead to reversible physical damage of the marine environment 2015-09-11
L Physical loss (permanent change) Pressures caused by human activity in the marine environment which lead to the permanent change or loss of marine habitats 2015-09-11
P Pollution and other chemical changes Pressures on the marine environment due to pollution and other chemical changes caused by human activity 2015-09-11