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MEDIN socio-economic governance objective categories

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DescriptionCategories in a classification of the purpose and anticipated outcome of activities by governing bodies.
CreatorMEDIN Standards Group
Version Info1
Identifier M05
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner MEDIN Standards Group
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
OBJCONS Conservation-related Governance activities aimed at maintaining, conserving and/or restoring biodiversity, natural heritage of habitats, species, landscapes and protected status. 2013-08-22
OBJSEAV Creating socioeconomic added values Governance activities aimed at enhancing the social or economic value of the environment. 2013-08-22
OBJCUHE Cultural Heritage Governance activities aimed at protecting, preserving and restoring cultural value of the environment. 2013-08-22
OBJECOL Ecological functions Governance activities aimed at maintaining key ecological functions (spawning areas, nursery, feeding zone, rest areas, productivity areas, etc.). 2013-08-22
OBJFOSR Fostering scientific research Governance activities aimed at encouraging relevant scientific research. 2013-08-22
OBJMPAN Improving management of Marine Protected Area Network Governance activities aimed improving operations within Marine Protected Area territory. 2013-08-22
OBJSEAM Management of socioeconomic activities Governance activities aimed at promoting the sustainable management and/or development of socio-economic activities in the marine environment. 2013-08-22
OBJPBAW Public Awareness Governance activitivities aimed at educating on environmental issues and improving public awareness. 2013-08-22
OBJREXP Resource exploitation Governance activities that manage commercial gain from natural resources. 2013-08-22
OBJWQAL Water quality Governance activities aimed at either improving or preventing degradation the chemical and biological environment of waters. 2013-08-22