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MEDIN socio-economic governance objective categories

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
OBJCONS Conservation-related Governance activities aimed at maintaining, conserving and/or restoring biodiversity, natural heritage of habitats, species, landscapes and protected status. 2013-08-22
OBJSEAV Creating socioeconomic added values Governance activities aimed at enhancing the social or economic value of the environment. 2013-08-22
OBJCUHE Cultural Heritage Governance activities aimed at protecting, preserving and restoring cultural value of the environment. 2013-08-22
OBJECOL Ecological functions Governance activities aimed at maintaining key ecological functions (spawning areas, nursery, feeding zone, rest areas, productivity areas, etc.). 2013-08-22
OBJFOSR Fostering scientific research Governance activities aimed at encouraging relevant scientific research. 2013-08-22
OBJMPAN Improving management of Marine Protected Area Network Governance activities aimed improving operations within Marine Protected Area territory. 2013-08-22
OBJSEAM Management of socioeconomic activities Governance activities aimed at promoting the sustainable management and/or development of socio-economic activities in the marine environment. 2013-08-22
OBJPBAW Public Awareness Governance activitivities aimed at educating on environmental issues and improving public awareness. 2013-08-22
OBJREXP Resource exploitation Governance activities that manage commercial gain from natural resources. 2013-08-22
OBJWQAL Water quality Governance activities aimed at either improving or preventing degradation the chemical and biological environment of waters. 2013-08-22