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The Crown Estate Renewable Energy Development Areas

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DescriptionTerms used to describe different areas within an offshore renewable energy development.
CreatorThe Crown Estate
Version Info1
Identifier M03
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner The Crown Estate
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
M0301 Agreement for Lease Area Area of sea bed where it is agreed a lease will be granted for the development of a renewable energy array subject to obtaining required consents / planning permission from regulators 2012-05-14
M0303 Cable Landfall Specific point at which a cable reaches the shore 2012-05-14
M0302 Cable crossing Point at which one or more cable routes overlap 2012-05-14
M0304 Construction Assembly Area An identified area or zone used for temporary or permanent storage for construction and assembly of structures related to a wind farm. 2012-05-14
M0305 Energy converter site Specific location of an energy conversion device (e.g. a tidal turbine). 2012-05-14
M0306 Fabrication Yard / Construction Base A collection of buildings and areas used for the construction and fabrication of a structure. 2012-05-14
M0307 Intertidal zone The area between high and low water 2012-05-14
M0309 Offshore Cable Corridor Area between a renewable energy development area and the coast where a transmission cable may be laid 2012-05-14
M0310 Offshore Substation Specific location of an offshore substation 2012-05-14
M0308 Offshore area of search preliminary area of search for offshore cable corridor 2012-05-14
M0312 Onshore Cable corridor Area between the offshore cable landfall and onshore substation or grid connection where a transmission cable may be laid 2012-05-14
M0313 Onshore Substation Specific location of an onshore substation 2012-05-14
M0311 Onshore area of search Preliminary area of search for onshore works (substations, cable routes, etc.) 2012-05-14
M0314 Operation and Maintenance Base A collection of buildings and areas used for the operation and maintenance of an offshore renewable energy site. Includes Marine Coordination Centre. 2012-05-14
M0315 Permanent instruments Specific location of permanently fixed instrument or instruments e.g. met mast, not a temporary ADCP installation 2012-05-14
M0316 Renewable Energy Lease area Area of sea bed where permission is granted for the development of a renewable energy array 2012-05-14
M0317 Research and Development Activity Discrete location where a research activity is undertaken that is not associated with the development of that location e.g. testing of a prototype energy converter 2012-05-14
M0318 Zone search area Area of exclusive right to investigate and identify areas suitable for the development of offshore renewable energy arrays. 2012-05-14