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IODE Primary Level quality flags

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DescriptionQuality flags used for the primary level of the IODE Quality Flag Scheme for the Exchange of Oceanographic and Marine Meteorological Data, IODE Manuals and Guides 54, Vol. 3.
CreatorInternational Oceanographic Commission
Version Info1
Identifier L34
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner International Oceanographic Commission
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
4 Bad Failed critical documented QC test(s) or as assigned by the data provider 2016-03-04
1 Good Passed documented required QC tests 2016-03-04
9 Missing data Used as place holder when data are missing 2016-03-04
2 Not evaluated, not available or unknown Used for data when no QC test performed or the information on quality is not available 2016-03-04
3 Questionable/suspect Failed non-critical documented metric or subjective test(s) 2016-03-04