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SeaDataNet measurand qualifier flags

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
4 bad value An obviously erroneous data value. 2007-05-17
5 changed value Data value adjusted during quality control. Best practice strongly recommends that the value before the change be preserved in the data or its accompanying metadata. 2007-05-17
1 good value Good quality data value that is not part of any identified malfunction and has been verified as consistent with real phenomena during the quality control process. 2009-05-12
8 interpolated value This value has been derived by interpolation from other values in the data object. 2007-05-17
9 missing value The data value is missing. There should be no accompanying value in ODV format files. The accompanying value in SeaDataNet NetCDF data must be the absent data representation specified by the _ FillValue parameter attribute and lie outside the range of data not flagged bad (4) or probably bad (3). 2019-05-09
0 no quality control No quality control procedures have been applied to the data value. This is the initial status for all data values entering the working archive. 2007-05-17
B nominal value The data value is a numerical data value that was the intended or targeted value rather than the measured value (e.g. instrument target depth). 2022-05-13
3 probably bad value Data value recognised as unusual during quality control that forms part of a feature that is probably inconsistent with real phenomena. 2007-05-17
2 probably good value Data value that is probably consistent with real phenomena but this is unconfirmed or data value forming part of a malfunction that is considered too small to affect the overall quality of the data object of which it is a part. 2007-05-17
6 value below detection The level of the measured phenomenon was less than the limit of detection (LoD) for the method employed to measure it. The accompanying value is the detection limit for the technique or zero if that value is unknown. 2018-04-04
Q value below limit of quantification The level of the measured phenomenon was less than the limit of quantification (LoQ). The accompanying value is the limit of quantification for the analytical method. 2020-06-16
7 value in excess The level of the measured phenomenon was too large to be quantified by the technique employed to measure it. The accompanying value is the measurement limit for the technique. 2009-05-12
A value phenomenon uncertain There is uncertainty in the description of the measured phenomenon associated with the value such as chemical species or biological entity. 2007-05-17