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INSPIRE Management and Reporting Controlled Activity Type

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
agricultureAndAquaculture Agriculture and aquaculture Activities related to agriculture and aquaculture. 2012-05-03
conservation Conservation Activities related to conservation of nature and cultural heritage. 2012-05-03
environmentalPollution Environmental pollution Activities causing environmental pollution. 2012-05-03
fishingHuntingOrCollecting Fishing, hunting or collecting Activities related to fishing, hunting and/or collecting of flora or fauna. 2012-05-03
landUseAndPlanning Land use and planning Activities related to land use and planning. 2012-05-03
plantAndAnimalHealth Plant and animal health Activities related to protection and eradication of harmful organisms and disease related to plant and animal health. 2012-05-03
resourceManagement Resource management Activities related to mining and extraction of materials. 2012-05-03
riskManagement Risk management Activities related to risk management. 2012-05-03
transportation Transportation Activities related to transportation. 2012-05-03