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INSPIRE Management and Reporting Environmental Domain Area

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DescriptionEnvironmental domain area within which a Management Area, Restriction or Regulation Zone was established.
CreatorEuropean Commission
Version Info1
Identifier I13
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner European Commission
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
air Air 2012-05-03
climateChange Climate change 2012-05-03
healthProtection Health protection 2012-05-03
landUse Land use 2012-05-03
naturalResources Natural resources 2012-05-03
natureAndBiodiversity Nature and biodiversity 2012-05-03
noise Noise 2012-05-03
soil Soil 2012-05-03
sustainableDevelopment Sustainable development 2012-05-03
waste Waste 2012-05-03
water Water 2012-05-03