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Wisconsin Coastal Atlas Vocabulary

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
Artificial_Structure Artificial Structure Human built structures along the coast 2013-06-18
Beach Beach A shore type consisting of beach along the coast 2013-06-18
Bedrock_Coast Bedrock Coast A shore type consisting of exposed bedrock 2013-06-18
Bluff Bluff A high steep bank or cliff 2013-06-18
Bluff_Toe Bluff Toe The point or line of abrupt change in slope at the bottom of the bluff - i.e. the bluff base 2013-06-18
Bluff_Top Bluff Top The top of a high steep bank or cliff 2013-06-18
Coastal_Erosion Coastal Erosion Coastal erosion is the wearing away of land or the removal of beach or dune sediments by wave action, tidal currents, wave currents, or drainage 2013-06-18
Coastal_Flooding Coastal Flooding Prolonged strong onshore flow of wind, water, or waves causing a rise in water level that floods coastal areas 2013-06-18
Coastal_Hazard Coastal Hazard Coastal hazards include both natural and man-made events (chronic and episodic) that threaten the health of coastal ecosystems and communities 2013-06-18
Low_Bank Low Bank A small bank or cliff along a shore with a height of less than 10 feet (3.05 metres) 2013-06-18
Shore_Geomorphology Shore Geomorphology The study of the morphological development and evolution of the shore of a coast as it acts under the influence of winds, waves, currents, and water level changes 2013-06-18
Unclassified Unclassified Shoreline where the shore geomorphology can not be classified 2013-06-18
Wetland Wetland A shore type consisting of wetlands along the coast 2013-06-18