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GEBCO Grid Source Data Type Identifier

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
TIN0 GEBCO type identifier 0 Land 2019-11-14
TIN10 GEBCO type identifier 10 Singlebeam - depth value collected by a single beam echo-sounder 2019-11-14
TIN11 GEBCO type identifier 11 Multibeam - depth value collected by a multibeam echo-sounder 2019-11-14
TIN12 GEBCO type identifier 12 Seismic - depth value collected by seismic methods 2019-11-14
TIN13 GEBCO type identifier 13 Isolated sounding - depth value that is not part of a regular survey or trackline 2019-11-14
TIN14 GEBCO type identifier 14 ENC sounding - depth value extracted from an Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC) 2019-11-14
TIN15 GEBCO type identifier 15 Lidar - depth derived from a bathymetric lidar sensor 2019-11-14
TIN16 GEBCO type identifier 16 Depth measured by optical light sensor 2019-11-14
TIN17 GEBCO type identifier 17 Combination of direct measurement methods 2019-11-14
TIN40 GEBCO type identifier 40 Predicted based on satellite-derived gravity data - depth value is an interpolated value guided by satellite-derived gravity data 2019-11-14
TIN41 GEBCO type identifier 41 Interpolated based on a computer algorithm - depth value is an interpolated value based on a computer algorithm (e.g. Generic Mapping Tools) 2019-11-14
TIN42 GEBCO type identifier 42 Digital bathymetric contours from charts - depth value taken from a bathymetric contour data set 2019-11-14
TIN43 GEBCO type identifier 43 Digital bathymetric contours from ENCs - depth value taken from bathymetric contours from an Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC) 2019-11-14
TIN44 GEBCO type identifier 44 Bathymetric sounding - depth value at this location is constrained by bathymetric sounding(s) within a gridded data set where interpolation between sounding points is guided by satellite-derived gravity data 2019-11-14
TIN45 GEBCO type identifier 45 Predicted based on helicopter/flight-derived gravity data 2019-11-14
TIN70 GEBCO type identifier 70 Pre-generated grid - depth value is taken from a pre-generated grid that is based on mixed source data types, e.g. single beam, multibeam, interpolation etc. 2019-11-14
TIN71 GEBCO type identifier 71 Unknown source - depth value from an unknown source 2019-11-14
TIN72 GEBCO type identifier 72 Steering points - depth value used to constrain the grid in areas of poor data coverage 2019-11-14