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DescriptionCode which indicates conditions which may affect the image
CreatorInternational Organization for Standardization
Version Info1
Identifier G15
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner International Organization for Standardization
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
001 blurredImage Portion of the image is blurred 2012-07-04
002 cloud Portion of the image is partially obscured by cloud cover 2012-07-04
003 degradingObliquity Acute angle between the plane of the ecliptic (the plane of the Earth s orbit) and the plane of the celestial equator 2012-07-04
004 fog Portion of the image is partially obscured by fog 2012-07-04
005 heavySmokeOrDust Portion of the image is partially obscured by heavy smoke or dust 2012-07-04
006 night Image was taken at night 2012-07-04
007 rain Image was taken during rainfall 2012-07-04
008 semiDarkness Image was taken during semi-dark conditions -- twilight conditions 2012-07-04
009 shadow Portion of the image is obscured by shadow 2012-07-04
010 snow Portion of the image is obscured by snow 2012-07-04
011 terrainMasking The absence of collection data of a given point or area caused by the relative location of topographic features which obstruct the collection path between the collector(s) and the subject(s) of interest 2012-07-04